Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Regrow Your Green Onions

I've recently discovered that you can regrow the green onions you buy at the store! And it's SUPER easy! Even those out there with a black thumb like me will find this easy to do!

Simply place the roots into a cup of water and place in a sunny area (mine is in my kitchen window sill). Then allow to grow! That's it! You'll need to periodically refresh the water, and ensure it stays filled. And they last so much longer than just tossing them in my fridge. I save a little money too by not having to purchase more green onions. It's been over a month now and they're still growing strong! I've been cutting mine into small pieces and freezing for future use.

I'm really interested in trying to find other things that I can easily regrow. I've heard you can do lettuce, garlic, potatoes, and more.

Do you know of anything easy to regrow? I'd love to hear about it!


Jesika Johnson said...

I do this, except I pot them in a planter! :)

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