Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Making the Most of a Small Space

The hot water heater in my house is in a small "room" in my kitchen. The heater itself takes up most of the space in the 3 x 3 foot area. I was able to find a narrow trashcan that barely fits in there too. And then my brooms and mops get tossed in there as well. Well it was pretty gross in there and way overdue for a makeover! So that's what I did! It's such a small space, but I knew I could maximize what I had to be able to more efficiently store things in there. Here's the before... be warned. It's pretty bad.

The walls were disgusting, the hot water heater needed a good scrubbing, and there was so much unused space! So after a good cleaning, I painted the walls, and had the husband hang some shelves we purchased at Lowes. And here's the "after" shot!

So much better! I even have a place for my aprons! I was able to fit our step ladder that was previously just hanging out by our fridge. And the broom and swiffer mop fit nicely in there.

The shelves are great to store excess toilet paper, cleaning supplies, and trash bags (which is great to have next to the trash can!). 

I was so happy with the outcome and I don't feel so ashamed of the area when people have to go throw stuff away! I am able to take advantage of the small space so much better now!

What do you think?


Liz said...

Good use of space! Could you also hang a hook there on the edge to hang your swiffer so that it doesn't have to sit on the ground? Just a thought... other than that - great job!

Shaiha said...

It looks so much better! Great job.

Micki Sellers said...

I looked at your space and immediately said "Oh what a great idea!" it looks so much like my space...well...mine is a weird space but yeah...I can totally do this!

Miranda @ Pressing On said...

Very nice. Way to be creative. It looks really good.

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