Monday, January 7, 2013

Star Wars Themed Party

So I've always wanted to host a "themed" party. And Skyler's birthday was last week so I used that to my advantage to throw my first themed party! Star Wars! (Skyler loves Star Wars).

I found this kit through Pinterest and bought it (it was only $12 for all of the PDF files and SO worth it!). It's from Hello My Sweet. They show their party HERE. I got several of my ideas from her page! They also have a link to their etsy shop where you can buy the kit with your own customizations (for $25).

It was a great hit! I had so much fun putting it all together too! Here's a few pictures from the setup (please excuse the blurry pictures... lighting in my living room is TERRIBLE!)

Here's what I did for each label:

Wookie Cookies: I made chocolate chip cookies and peanut butter cookies (Skyler's favorite). They were the epitome of homemade. Break and Bake Pillsbury kind. So difficult to open those packages and put them on the pan!

Jabba Juice: I used this recipe found at allrecipes that was used at my bachalorette party. It's called a Pink Panty. But it's SOOOO GOOOD! Instead of the gin the recipe calls for, I added some sprite.

Yoda Soda: I put out cans of Sprite, Coke, Dr. Pepper, and Cherry Coke.

Han Burgers: I made hamburgers using this recipe found at Little Miss Momma. So yummy!

Leia's Buns: hamburger buns.

Vader Veggies: fixings for the burgers... lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles, avocado, and sprouts. Mmmm :)

TIE Fighters: fried cheese sticks

Han Rolos: (I was going to use the Rolo candies but the store was out). I used beef and cheese taquitos.

Hutt Dogs: Pig in a Blankets (one of Skyler's favorite snacks!)

Thermal Detonators: Used the 5 BILLION gumballs left from my wedding.

Carbonite Jello: (not shown in picture). I made Jello. With a red layer and a blue layer. Only I tried to rush the jello by speed setting it and it turned out HORRIBLE!

Palpatine's Pizza: Bagel Bites!

Sarlacc Pit Dip: I made homemade Rotel Cheese Dip. 1 can of Rotel and 1 lb of Velveeta Cheese (I used the white kind). Melt it all in a crockpot together and enjoy!

Sith Salsa: I was going to make this recipe (my favorite!!!) but ran out of time and just used a premade salsa.

Ewokamole: used a premade guacamole but I wish I had had time to make my own!

Padawan Popcorn: (not shown) Was gonna pop some popcorn but didn't end up doing this. There was a ton of food and it wouldn't have gotten eaten anyways!

Light Sabers: Planned on dipping pretzel rods in chocolate but, like several things, I ran out of time. So I just put out regular pretzel rods. Can you tell I'm not the best at time management?

Chewbacca's Chips: used tortilla scoops and plain chips for the different dips.

Other labels that were included that I didn't use:

Bantha Milk: could've set out milk for the cookies :)

Death Star Donuts: I originally planned to use this and make donut holes. But, what do you know, I ran out of time!

So there you go... a star wars themed party! It was pretty easy to do! And I recommend getting that kit as it has SOO much more in it. Pictures of the characters. Jedi Certificates! Much more! (No one asked me to write about this... I just loved the kit that much!)


Amanda said...

So cool! I think we'll be needing a Star Wars party of our own soon.

Heather said...

Look so awesome! You guys did us proud!

Heather + Jason, Hello My Sweet

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