Thursday, September 13, 2012

Kitchen Nook Makeover

So this post is LOOOONNNGG overdue. Seeing as I finished this MONTHS ago! But anyways...

When I moved into the house, there was this weird nook in the kitchen, next to the pantry. The previous owners had some cheap wire shelves that I guess they stored extra groceries on. It was a really dark area without much functionality. 

Once it got a fresh coat of paint, it looked much better!

But it needed more. It wasn't long before I had an idea in mind to turn this area into a kitchen desk. With shelves for my cookbooks. I got measurements and drew up an idea, showing it to my dad. Being the best daddy ever, he helped me go shopping at Lowes and get the stuff I needed. Then spent a Sunday afternoon helping me bring my idea to life! First things first, we set up shop in my garage. On the back of my dad's pick up. I live in Louisiana. It's how we roll. You should've seen when we cut the desk part. I stood in the back of the pickup on the wood bracing it while my dad cut. I would like to note, however, I did a lot of the cutting!

We cut some wood to make the wall support. I'll admit, I had to have my dad screw these into the wall. I lacked the muscle to do this. We used wood screws since I have paneling. I painted them before we put them up too.

Then cut the shelves. Used some this shelves for the bookshelves, and a thinner one for the desk. Also used a trim on the front of the desk that I hotglued to it.

Painted the shelves white.

Then decorated! All my bookshelves are at the top, I was able to use some decorative bowls I had to tie in my accent color, which is red. Also have the boxes turned magazine holders I made a long time ago.


Got the desk all nice and organized too....

This is a tray I found at a garage sale. Just gave it a fresh coat of paint. Perfect as a catch all.

I gave a new facelift to an old makeover. Used a t-shirt scrap to cover this message center thing.

So... what do you think? Oh and I made the desk tall enough that I can use one of my dining room bar stool height chairs to sit at it!


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Avocado Chicken Salad

So a LOOONG time ago I saw this recipe on Pinterest. It's from Becoming Betty. Avocado Chicken Salad.  MMMMM.

It's really easy to make. You can find the recipe HERE. It's pretty basic. The things I did different... no cilantro, not as much green onions, and the type of may I used was the olive oil mayo (a very tiny amount!). I probably added more avocados then she does. I made a big batch of this stuff.

It is really good! And better for you than traditional chicken salad with all that mayo. It tastes great on a sandwich.

And over a bed of lettuce as a salad.

Here's an unedited photo so you can see the exact color it turned out.

I think this would be pretty good with egg salad too. Maybe tuna. I haven't tried those yet.

Do you have any healthier alternative recipes?
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