Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Where Does Time Go?

Where does time go?
Time has been flying lately.
I know I've been a little AWOL as of late.
But here's what's been going on with me...

Planning a wedding.
Enough said.

We have chosen a date.... December 15, 2012.

Booked a honeymoon.... spend the first night in New Orleans then get on a 7 day cruise to Jamaica, Grand Cayman, and Cozumel.

Booked a ceremony venue.... our church.

Set a time.... 2 pm.

Booked a reception location.... a local community center with floor to ceiling windows!

Chosen a theme.... natural colors, burlap, lace, creams, browns, and a pop of Tiffany blue, with mason jars, old bottles, old windows, birch branches.

Picked out my flowers.... hydrangeas, calla lilies, and maybe a few daisies.

Booked a photographer & videographer.... they're really good! 

Picked out my bridesmaids.... Tayler (Skyler's sister) will be my maid of honor. Nichole, and two childhood friends (Ashley and Erin) will be bridesmaids.

Decided on groomsmen.... Skyler's childhood friend, Jarris, will be his best man. And his other friends Adam, Chris, and Cory will be groomsmen.

Picked out bridesmaid dresses....  THIS dress in Champagne color.

And my most exciting news is I got my dress! Like, it's in my house. I have to resist the urge to put it on all the time. And I got THIS super cute flower clip om white. I've decided to keep growing my hair out (it's probably mid-back right now). That way I can do what I call the "disney channel curls". Huge curls (not tight curls). 

It's all been so overwhelming. I keep saying if I can make it to December I'll be doing good!

Anyways, everyone... catch me up! What's been new with you all??


Amie {Kitty Cats and Airplanes} said...

December is such a great time of year to get married! We got married December 19th. :) Love those bridesmaids dresses! Good luck with the planning and everything, so exciting!

Kayla said...

So exciting that plans are in the works!!! Just remember to breath, and that in the end don't stress the small stuff!

Kathy@DandelionsandDustBunnies said...

Yay, I hear ya. The summer is zooming by. Wow - you have been busy. We did that same cruise and loved the stops. First cruise we ever did. So fun. Sounds like most of the wedding plans are underway. Hope all continues on schedule. Congrats!! So exciting.

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