Tuesday, June 5, 2012

DIY Simple Flower Wreath

So the yarn wreath I made a while back finally bit the dust. And it was time for a new one! And since I vowed NEVER to make another stinkin' yarn wreath, I had to try something else. I have seen some similar on Pinterest so that's kinda where my inspiration came from. And here's what I came up with!

I made a quick trip to Michael's and got the numbers for my house, vibrant fake flowers (which were on sale!), and a grapevine wreath (which I used a 50% coupon!). 

I painted up the numbers in bright aqua blue for summer. And then pulled the flowers off the stems and arranged them, as well as the painted numbers on the wreath.

Simply hot glued and I was done! It took hardly no time at all! And I LOVE how it turned out! (please excuse the HORRIBLE shadows in the picture!)


I found this super fun bookend over at The Pink Window! Isn't it funny! I need some of these!


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