Monday, May 7, 2012

Story Time: The Engagement

If you read my post yesterday, you'll know Skyler proposed last night! And yesterday was my 23rd birthday. It was, by far, the best birthday I've ever had. Gather round everyone... I'm going to share a little story with you all about a girl who finds out she's going to spend the rest of her life with her best friend.

So I woke up yesterday, earlier than my alarm. I think it's because I've been up early every day for the past week or so. I really wasn't overly excited about my birthday. I even told Skyler that. "Maybe it's because I'm growing up, but birthdays just aren't as exciting anymore."

I took a shower, got dressed for church, then realized I was ready way too early. So I just layed on my bed for a little while.

About 8:45 Skyler calls me. I start smiling really big because I thought he was calling to tell me happy birthday. I answer and I hear a very sleep Skyler tell me he's overslept. I won't lie. I was a little upset the first words he said to me weren't happy birthday. He said them at the end of our conversation, but to me it felt like an afterthought. We ended up arguing about something or another. I got mad, hung up the phone, he calls me back. (let me add that I've been a little PMS-y this week- hormones and emotions on high alert) Well we finally decide he's just gonna come over to my house and we would be going to lunch and movies with my parents.

He shows up around almost 10. He comes inside and tells me to shut my eyes. I do, and start grinning like a fool because I love surprises. He walks over and hands me a bag. Inside is a bunch of my favorite snacks. (I should also mention he had told me a few days before he had ordered my birthday present late and I would get it Monday or Tuesday.) So there's the snacks and a card. The card says on the outside:

Happy Birthday and Remember, one sign of aging is when people have to repeat things they say to you.

And on the inside it says:

Happy Birthday and Remember, one sign of aging is when people have to repeat things they say to you.

Which is funny cause I'm always re-telling him stories!

And then he hands me another card. It's a sympathy card. And he wrote, "Sorry I took away your happiness today". Which, seriously, who could be mad at him after that?? It was too funny!

Well, anyways, my parents show up around 10:30ish. I decided I wanted Outbacks for lunch. So we leave to go there. Well of course, they don't open til 12. So I said I didn't care much where we ate and we went to Chili's instead. I got overstuffed on their chips and salsa and had an amazing burger afterwards. We had plans to go see the Avengers. We're waiting on the check. My mom's about to go ask someone to find her. When the waitress shows up. With all the Chili's staff. To sing me happy birthday. I'm sure my face was beet red. But that brownie was pretty dang good! By this point I feel like I'm about to pop.

After that we go to see the Avengers. The theater is PACKED. Skyler and I had already gone to see the movie Friday but it was so good we had NO problem going to see it again.

After the movie, we went to Sams. I got some groceries and such, and my parents paid! Then they took us back to my house.

I changed into some shorts and a t-shirt. Our day was coming to an end. We had no more special plans for the evening. I was pretty tired. And I don't know what started it. Maybe seeing all of these friends on facebook getting engaged, getting married, having kids. But I broke down and had a little cry fest telling Skyler about it. And I can't believe he let me cry about all that when secretly he was planning to propose! Punk.

So I get over my little fit and we start watching Men in Black (to start gearing up for the third movie). About 6:20 he got a phone call from one of his friends. I had to go to the bathroom so I went back to my bedroom. While I was in there he had gotten off the phone cause he was telling me how tired he was.

So, ok, I finish my business and come out the bathroom. I don't see anything at first but he just pops out of nowhere and is on his knee with a silver zales box and he opens it and asks me to marry him. The first thing that pops out of my mouth is, "Are you serious, are you kidding?" I would have loved to see my face. I really thought he was joking. He would later tell me, "Do you think I would joke about that? I would be in so much trouble!" Then I grabbed the ring out of the box to look at it. Then I look at him. Then back to the ring. "Oh my gosh" I exclaim. He stands up by this point. I can tell he's nervous. He always tries to play off his nervousness with nonchalance. Then I hand the ring back to him and tell him he's supposed to do it. "So is that a yes?" he asks me. "Yes!" He puts the ring on my finger. And I jumped into his arms and gave him a huge hug (and, ok, a kiss or two).

He said he didn't plan on doing it when I got out of the bathroom. He was gonna do it before his friend called. And then he got so nervous it just happened when I came out of the bathroom. But I wouldn't change it for the world!

Then I proceeded to call my parents. (he had asked my dad a few weeks ago). And both of them knew!

He's not big on emotional things. He wanted to just text his parents but I told him he had to call them.

Then I tried to call Nichole (el BFF). But she was at work. I seriously thought I was gonna explode! Well Skyler and I start driving to get some dinner. And I'm calling her, texting her telling her to call me. She finally calls once we get to Taco Bell. And I get to tell her! Skyler had a text ready for his friends (one of which is Nichole's husband) but he had waited until I talked to her to send it.

After we ate, we came back to my house, finished MIB, he watched Mad Men, then went home. And I slept like a BABY.

Best. Day. Ever.

I NEVER had a clue! Didn't expect it at all! I had always told him I wanted to be surprised. And that he would have to do a pretty good job since I'm good at reading him. Never saw it coming. Seriously.

I've got to get the ring re-sized... it's too big. But I'm gonna go find out how long it takes before I decide when I want to part with it!

I took a few more pictures this morning with a good camera in the sunlight since my iPhone couldn't capture the pics of the ring very well.


Jennifer Schell said...

Gorgeous ring and congrats! I am so glad that i'm back from my bloggy break and took time today and made your blog my first to start catching up on!

kayla said...

Aww...congrats to you Courtney!!! I wish you guys the best, and happy wedding planning!! :)

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