Thursday, April 5, 2012

Canned Storage Unit

A LONG time ago, I saw this idea on Pinterest from BHG (couldn't find it on their website anymore) for a storage unit using empty cans.
I really wanted to make one myself.

So I started collecting cans.
Luckily I have a super nifty can opener that makes a clean cut without any sharp edges (it even allows you to put the lid back on if you don't use everything in the can to pop in the fridge!).

I spray painted the cans an olive green color to match my craft room.

Then I simply hot glued the cans together in a pattern I liked.
I had to really coat on the glue though. Maybe a stronger glue would be better.
You have to think about strength too. You don't want them too spread out where they fall apart being heavier on the ends.
I attached hangers on the back and hung it up! You could also just set it on the table or whatever too. Imagine if you made a huge standing shelf of this!

I filled it with things like pens, crochet hooks, paint brushes, glue sticks, etc.

Really simple to make and a great way to organize things!


Ann On and On... said...

Super cute. Thanks for sharing your project! I love anything that has to do with organizing.

Angela H. said...

I was wondering if you could show the back of the unit? the type of hanger and the way it was hung. I am having problems hanging mine due to the weight of cans, it is tilting more outward and no against the wall completely.

If you can't post it, then could you possibly send me more info via email? thanks. :)

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