Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Time I Was a Man

No, I was never ACTUALLY a dude. Just dressed as one for this "flip flop" night where you had to dress like the other person. This picture is of Skyler and I (pre-dating). Don't tell him I showed you this! He wore my ninth grade homecoming dress. Although he didn't have the *ahem* right parts to keep the strapless dress up. We convinced him to wear makeup and a wig! I think the only reason he went along with it was cause he had a crush on me :) I wore this suit of my dads. Slicked my hair into a low pony. Used mascara to make my goatee. I even fooled this family friend of ours! Another year I convinced him to wear my cheerleading uniform and I wore a football uniform. He was so easily persuaded back then! All I had to do was pout and I got my way. Dang I miss those days ;)

What's the strangest thing you've ever dressed up as?


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