Saturday, March 17, 2012

Jewelry Armoire

Today I went to visit the BFF {since she decided to leave me and move almost 2 hrs away}. I stopped by the store Rooms to Go. There was this jewelry armoire I had fallen in love with a few months ago. So I went back to buy it. They were scheduling the shipping and apparently I live too far away and it would cost 80ish dollars. So the guy talked to his manager and they let me buy and take home the floor model! I saved almost $100! Now FINALLY all my jewelry has a home, not strewn across my house in different containers. What do you think?


Jesika said...

Love it, it is so cute! :)

nic said...

Ugh! I'm just now seeing this! Bad BFF. But I just haven't turned on my laptop in weeks!

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