Friday, March 23, 2012

Hunger Games: Book vs. Movie


Don't you dare read this if you haven't seen the movie and read the books.

I'm serious!

You're name will be put in the reaping bowl 500 times if you do.
And president snow will give you the evil eye.


Only those who have seen the movie AND read the books left?


Went and saw the movie today. After rereading the book yesterday. And I was pretty impressed! By far one of the truest "sticking to the book" storylines I've seen in a while.

My comments...

Casting: Caesar. Spot on. Just how I imagined him. And Cinna. I liked Katniss. Just think she appeared a little too old sometimes. And Rue. Perfect. Most of the tributes. Gale was fine. But Peeta wasn't how I imagined him to be.

Since the book is written from Katniss's point of view it's difficult to get a lot of info in. But they did a great job. Showing Caesar and the gamemakers and such. Really helped.

They omitted some stuff. Like Madge and the mayor. Which was fine. I wish Prim's goat story or the redhead avox had been there but ok I can deal. I really wanted the days of rain and feast but I can manage without. They didn't really explain why Thrush let her go in the movie. She explained that she and Rue were allies. That she helped her. And I wish she had gotten the bread from district 11. But again. I can deal. The ending was missing a lot I felt should've been there. Like Katniss's screaming when they go to operate on an injured Peeta. Her agony on waiting to see him. Their heated reunion. Her rushing into Peeta's arms. Kissing with Caesar trying to interrupt them but Peeta brushing him off. Um, hello, Peeta's amputation! Their fight before arriving home when he finds out she had been pretending to love him. So much missing! I mean, I know the movie was long but other stuff could've been cut for that.

I cried with her volunteering for Prim. But I knew I would. And with Rue! Oh goodness. And the scene with district 11. The man (who I like to assume is her dad) getting angry. Made the moment much more intense.

Overall, I was really impressed. Will definitely be a movie I buy.

I hope they make the rest. And somewhat improve on the books as I felt they weren't as good as they went along.

Anyways. What were your thoughts?


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