Thursday, March 22, 2012

Chocolate Chip Cookie... in a Cup... in 3 Minutes

Oh. My.
I think I'm in love.
And his name is chocolate chip cookie in a cup.

I found this recipe for the cookie in a cup over at no. 2 Pencil (via Pinterest).
It's super simple and SO easy to follow!

I'm going to share my pictures of the process, but be sure to go HERE for the recipe!

I used this big oversized "soup" mug to make it in.
Melted butter...

Adding the sugars {didn't have dark brown, so I used light brown instead... worked fine!}, vanilla, and salt {regular, didn't have kosher}.

Ready for the egg yolk! Took me 2 tries to get it right... plopped the egg yolk into the sink the first time.

Added the flour. Oh, mixed batter... I could eat you NOW!

Whaaat?? Chocolate chips now added? I'll definitely sneak a bite now!

Cooked mine in the microwave for 70 seconds. My microwave is wimpy which is why I probably had to cook longer than she suggests.

I GOBBLED this up! It was SO GOOD! Perfect cookie :) I was really craving it and it really fixed that craving without waiting 45 minutes to make and bake a whole batch!

She also has recipes for Peanut Butter Cookie in a Cup and Sugar Cookie in a Cup... can't wait to try those too!

Thanks Melissa at no. 2 Pencil for my newest addiction!


Kris @ said...

oh my... that looks amazing. i have everything in the house right now to make that..... hmmmm......

Dawn said...

I love this idea. I recently booked marked a cake in ramakin that takes less than 5 minutes.
I wanted to let you know that I'm passing along the Versatile blogger award to you! For more infor about the award check out my post here
Have a great Day!
Dawn @ DJ's Sugar Shack

Melissa said...

You are so cute! I love your blog! I'm a new follower! xoxo

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