Monday, February 20, 2012

The Time I Dyed My Hair Burgandy

So about 2 years ago I saw Iron Man 2.
And I LOVED Scarlett Johansson's hair!

So I got my mom to dye it for me.
It was crazy!
My hair was orange during the dying process!
Very strange looking.

But I liked the resulting color and kept it for a little while before dying it back.

Here's some pics of the process and final result- one picture was edited.
You'll see that one. (sorry if they're in a random order... The blogger app on my phone likes to do that).


The Virtuous Wife said...

I dyed my hair that color for the longest time. The night before I was baptized, I dyed my hair. The next morning, my pastor dunked me in the water and when I came up, I looked down and the water was pink. The whole back of my white gown was red. I was worried the congregation was thinking it was blood or something. I was so embarrassed! LOL!

Jesika said...

I had my hair very red for a while, it was a long process.

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