Sunday, February 26, 2012

Potato Stacks

So a while back I had pinned this recipe for potato stacks on Pinterest.
Unfortunately, when I went to make the recipe, I found it had been removed from the website.
So anyways, I did a little searching and found other similar recipes.
Using those, I kind of made up my own recipe!
And now I'll share it with you guys :)

First things first, I used my slicer thing {I think it's called a mandoline??} and sliced 1 small white potato and 2 small red potatoes.

Then I melted about 2 tablespoons of butter in a bowl.
I added about 1 tbsp of dried parsley, 3 tsp minced garlic, 1/2 tsp salt, and 1 tsp dried onions.
Now these aren't specific, because honestly I just guesstimated on the amounts.

Then I greased a 6 tin muffin pan.

Using a pastry brush, I put a little of the butter mixture in the bottom of each tin.

Then I added a potato {or more if they were small slices} and topped with a smidge more butter.

I kept doing that until I filled all the pans.
Then I popped it in an oven preheated to 350.

I cooked them for about 45 minutes or so until they are golden brown and the potatoes are cooked through.

So delicious!



Katie @ Pincushion Creations said...

Yum! Looks really good! Would love to have you link it to my "Homemade By You" link party on Wednesday!

Ashley said...

New follower! These look really good, just pinned them to my recipe finds board! =)

Leah Koenig said...

Just pinned it too! Can't wait to try them! Yum... who in their right mind doesn't love potatoes??? Thanks for sharing!

Found you on Fabric Bows and More
Visiting from Well Rounded,

Aisling Beatha said...

oooh, gotta try that one!

Alison @ Oopsey Daisy said...

OH YUM! My mouth is watering!!! This looks so stinkin' tasty! Thanks for sharing at oopsey daisy! By the way, I love your tagline "If you have to open a box, it's handmade!!"

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