Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Harry Potter Vacation Part 2: Universal Studios & Hard Rock Cafe

{Click HERE to read about Part 1}

So after everything that happened, I was determined to have a great trip.
The first 2 days we went to Universal Studios (Islands of Adventures is a separate part).

We had a blast!
Our favorite ride was this roller coaster.

You were strapped in and there was this iPod looking thing where you could select from a list of songs for the song you listened to during the ride.
We rode this ride the most while we were there.
After a while though, it can give you a headache, but still so much fun!
And it goes STRAIGHT UP!
I'm not talking practically straight.

My least favorite ride was the Twister experience.
I didn't like it at all.

And there was the Mummy ride.
It was an indoor roller coaster.
It was fun the first time.
But the second time it freaked me out.
The ride stopped once we were done and we sat in the seat for several minutes before we actual got to where we could get out.

I did get to take a picture with Scooby Doo!
Really bad picture though because apparently my boyfriend doesn't know how to work my iPhone.

The first night we went to eat at Hard Rock Cafe which was part of the City Walk.

It's the largest Hard Rock Cafe.

We were seated on the outskirts of the bar at a tall table.
There was this revolving pink car over the bar area.

LOVED these all in one salt and pepper shakers!

The boyfriend and I both had the burgers.
And the fries were yummy too!

On one wall in the place there was this huge interactive touch screen.
You could bring up pictures of memorabilia and read more info.

It was a blast and I highly suggest eating there if you like a loud fun environment!

Keep your eyes peeled for Part 3!


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