Monday, February 6, 2012

Guest Post: Kitty Cats & Airplanes- Valentine's Day Treat Bag

I'll just get straight to it! Hi, I'm Amie and I run my own little corner of the internet called Kitty Cats and Airplanes. Funny name? I know. But I love cats and I met my husband on an airplane. :) I have a {blog} (which Courtney designed, you HAVE to see it she is amazing!) where I like to share {tutorials}, {recipes}, and glimpses into my crazy life. I also have a {facebook page} where I run special facebook exclusive sales and offer mega coupon codes for {my shop}.

I'm really happy Courtney has let me fill in for her while she's off enjoying sunny Florida!

Valentines Day is right around the corner whether you'r ready for it or not. Maybe you've got young kids in school and are busy thinking of creative Valentines. Or you've got a sweetie who has got a sweet tooth. No matter your situation, I'm sure you've got use for super cute and super quick Valentines Day treat bag!

Yummy. Bright colors, drawstring closure, and oh so festive! Only problem? A felt bag can't be filled with Sour Patch Kids. :( Wanna make one yourself? You will need:

  • One sheet of felt for the main bag

  • Coordinating scrap felt for embellishments

  • A yard of coordinating ribbon

  • Scissors

  • Pinking shears

  • Embroidery scissors

  • Safety pin

  • Cup

  • Disappearing ink pen

  • Regular sewing notions: sewing machine, thread, pins, etc.

Cut your sheet of felt in half hamburger style so you end up with two rectangles.

Place a cup on the corners of your rectangles, then trace around the cup with your disappearing ink pen. Cut around your lines to round out the corners.

For embellishments I decided to cut out a bunch of hearts from pink and magenta felt. I didn't use a pattern or anything, I liked the wonky-ness of them! I arranged them in a pattern I liked, then pinned them down.

Then I sewed down the middle of the hearts with pretty lilac thread.

Place your two bag pieces right sides together and pin around the sides and bottom. At the last minute I decided to use the pinking shears at the top to imitate a paper bag.

Sew around the sides and bottom using 1/4" seam and a straight stitch. Turn right side out. If you'd like, you can stop here and still end up with a cute treat bag! If you want the drawstring closure, keep reading.

Use embroidery scissors to cut small slits on the top of your bag. Cut them about an inch apart and 1/4" to a 1/2" wide, depending on how thick your ribbon is. Make sure you cut through both layers of bag (that's what I'm trying to show with the picture.)

Hard to see, I know, but squint real hard! This is a general idea of what your slits should look like.

Take a length of ribbon (I used about two feet because I wanted to be able to wrap the ribbon around the bag a few times) and heat sealed the ends. Pin a safety pin to the end, and thread the ribbon through your slits, up and down and up and down.

Just like this! Since the ribbon is so slick when you pull on it, the bag will scrunch up and close! Nifty right?

Fill it up with treats, for this kind of bag it's best to use treats that are either wrapped or candy coated (Think Starbursts, M&Ms, Skittles, and the like. Steer away from cookies, Sour Patch Kids, or any other treat that could make a mess.)

Don't forget to share. ;)

When it's filled just pull on the ribbons, tie a cute bow...

And you're ready to go!

Thanks for having me Courtney!


beingFab said...

This is simply adorable!! I love that it's got a purple base and is not all pink and red!!

marissa said...

that is darling I hope you'll add it to my What We Wore and made Party over at

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