Monday, February 13, 2012

Got Milk?

So I have been drinking whole milk my entire life. It's just what we drank as a family. Well the BFF Nichole kept telling me about organic milk and how much better it tastes. So I tried it. Didn't taste any different to me. But it took SO much longer to expire! Which is great for me since it's just me and I used to waste so much milk. So that's what I use now.

But today this girl I work with was raving about almond milk and coconut milk. She swears by it. I said I didn't like almonds or vanilla flavors. She said the unsweetened kind didn't taste at all like almonds and was just as good as regular milk. So today I decided to get some. She lied. It tastes exactly like almonds. I mean, it's not terrible but I like regular milk better. Maybe I'll try coconut milk next time.

What kind of milk do you drink?


Amie {Kitty Cats and Airplanes} said...

It does taste like almonds, but I like almonds, so I enjoy it. Too expensive though. I hate milk unless it's skim, which hubby refuses! I tried soy milk but turns out I'm allergic! Too bad, because I liked the taste and it was good in milk. Soooo....I really don't drink milk.

nic said...

Yay! for organic milk!
And ack for almond or coconut milk! I think any of the flavored or non-flavored kinds are dis-gust-ing...and I believe they don't naturally have calcium & vitamin d in them so the way they are fortified

kayla said...

Obvi I'm a little behind, just catching up on my reader and I had to chime in! I LOVE LOVE LOVE organic milk, it seriously tastes way better than regular. I don't know, taste's more pure to me...LOVE IT!!

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