Saturday, February 11, 2012

Bathroom Renovation Progress

So my weekend project is to get my bathroom renovated. This is my master bathroom that I have never used since I moved in last August. I've included 2 before pictures with the progress photo so you can see how bad it was. Striped wallpaper. Harvest Gold countertops. Yuck.

So far my mom and I attempted to pull what wallpaper we could off. But fail there. That stuff is superglued on in places. So I sponged a texture over it. And it worked really well! It covered some of the stripes too. It's just about dry so I'm going to give it a quick kiltz. Hopefully paint tomorrow. It'll get gray to match my bathroom.

Also ripped out that hideous countertop with assistance from my dad. But the pipes were so rotted they simply crumbled apart. But my handy daddy said he can fix that right up! He's going to help me build a countertop and tile over it. I'm putting in a vessel sink. It will look like a bowl sitting on my countertop. And a pretty faucet.

I hope to get this done soon. If anything I'll at least get my shower curtain up and stuff so I can at least use this bathroom! 6 months is way overdue!


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