Monday, January 9, 2012

Sending New Comments to Your Email

Sometimes, I wanted to be able to reply to what someone commented on my blog.
But you'd have to find their email address, explain who you are, etc...

But then I figured out this handy little tip.
You can set it up to where new comments get sent to the email of your choice.
Which is great for me since my blog email address is different from the one I used to set up my blog.

Here's how....

From your Dashboard, click "Settings" under your blog info.
You will then see a row of tabs (under the Posting, Comments, etc tabs).
Click the Comments tab (not the top row one, the 2nd row one).

It will bring up your comments settings.
Scroll all the way down.
You will see a box that says Comment Notification Email.
Enter the email address you want the comments to be emailed to.
Then click save!

That's it!
And I have comment moderation.
Once I approve a comment I get the email.
It works well so that I can reply when someone comments.
I love it!

Let me know if it works for you :)


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