Friday, January 6, 2012

Organization 2012- Weekly Schedule

So I am attempting to get organized for 2012.
Organized with my finances.
Organized with my home.
Organized with my life.

Ok, so that sounded like some cheesy slogan.

But anyways.
I'm taking the steps towards getting my ducks in a row.

One of the things I have done is create a binder planner.

I made a weekly schedule print out to arrange my week.
It has a column for "Schedule" so I can keep track of where I need to be and when.
It has a "Things to Do" column where I can write down things I want to accomplish that day.
It also has a "Shopping List" column where I can quickly jot down things I need to get.
And finally there's a "Notes" column to write down any reminders.
At the bottom of the page is additional notes space.

I have loose leaf paper in the binder to jot down ideas.
Currently I'm working on a desk area with shelves for the random 3 foot nook in my dining room.
I'm planning to make it myself (and the help of my daddy of course).

Anyways, below is the schedule I made if anyone wants to try it!
{if you click the image it will bring up the full sized version}

Do you have any good organization tips?


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