Saturday, January 28, 2012

Homemade Java Chip Mocha Frappe

I have never been a coffee person.
Even through college and being a nurse, I have never gotten hooked.
But one thing I've recently come to enjoy, however, are mocha frappes.
For instance, the one from McDonald's... LOVE!
And don't get me started on Hastings' White Chocolate version.

When I was younger I always remembered my mom making her own version.
So I hit her up for the recipe and now I'm going to share it with you guys!

Homemade Java Chip Mocha Frappe


Chocolate Drink (NOT chocolate milk)
Maxwell House Instant Coffee
Chocolate Syrup
Caramel Syrup
Chocolates (like dove chocolate or you could use chocolate chips)
Whipped Cream (optional)

My mom and I both have these personal blenders by Hamilton Beach.
You can get them from Walmart.
Fill it about 3/4 of the way with ice.

Now add the chocolate drink to just below the top of the ice.

Now add a spoonful of the instant coffee.
You can totally customize here by adding more or less to your tastes.
When I didn't like coffee, I would just omit it entirely for a chocolate drink instead.

Now add a nice squirt of chocolate syrup.
Again, as much as you like.

Also add a small squirt of caramel syrup.

Also add in your chocolates.
I used 3 dove chocolates but you can do whatever you want.

Now, blend well until smooth.
You can taste it at this point and add more chocolate, coffee, or caramel as desired.
I thought mine needed more chocolate syrup so that's what I did.

Pour into a glass.
Top with whipped cream, chocolate syrup, and caramel syrup.
Insert straw.

So yummy!

Do you like coffee?
What your favorite kind of coffee drink?


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