Thursday, January 5, 2012

Headband No Heat Curls

So my hair will not hold a curl.
My mom would try to curl it for me all the time and the curls would just fall.
They would stay if I slept in those foam curlers...
But I would have a headache the entire time I slept.

Then a found THIS tutorial on Pinterest from The Paper Mama.
Hello, lovely tutorial, where have you been all my life?

Seriously, its, like, AMAZING.
Life changing.
You'll never want to curl your hair any other way.

I made my own tutorial for you guys with a little more detailed photos.
But The Paper Mama has a totally amazing video tutorial!

Start with dry hair.
If it's wet it probably won't dry by morning.
My hair is usually a little more crazy than this, but I washed it and blow dried it right before.

And please excuse the completely strange faces I make in these photos.
I hate pictures.
And don't laugh at my random towels I'm using as curtains.
I got really mad when I couldn't sleep late after a night shift.
So I thumb tacked some towels over the windows.
And they work really well.
Deal with it.

Next choose your headband.
I like the one on the left.
It allows for bigger curls and doesn't leave an imprint on my forehead like the one on the right does.

Next, put it on your head, ninja style.

Starting on one side, grab a nice sized strand of hair.

Bring it up and around the headband.

It will look like this.
You can wrap them looser for looser curls.

Keep grabbing pieces and wrapping.
Each strand will be grabbed several times in total.
Just keep grabbing bunches.
You can push the rolls towards the front if you start running out of room.
Finish one side.

Then do the other side.
You'll probably have a rat's tail in the back at the end.

Keep wrapping that tail piece around the back.
It'll look kinda like this.

Now, crawl into bed and enjoy a nice night's sleep.
I think I got about 5 hours that night.
In the morning, you'll probably look like this.
Warning... this picture is pretty rough.
And it was 5 in the morning.
Too early.

Carefully pull the headband out, working the curls gently out from around the headband.
There you have it...
Simple, overnight curls.
And I didn't use any kind of product in it!
You could probably hair spray it if you have trouble with the curls falling.

I got compliments on it all day long.
And it seriously lasts.
Here's it at the end of the day after I worked 12 hours running around with babies.
And visiting the boyfriend.
And cooking dinner.
Seriously, like 16 hours later.

Minus the frizziness (which is unavoidable since I live in Louisiana), it was still great.
The curls weren't as tight, but I still loved it!

Do you have any fun hair-do ideas?


Gayle said...

Oh my fun sweet daughter, how I miss you at home. Love the laugh you gave me tonight and no, I don't miss those horrible Jr. High Cheer competitions where we had to keep your hair in the twisty rollers right up until competition. They would give you such a headache!

Rebs @ Book-Rants said...

I have the same type of hair as you, fine and will not hold a curl. I do pin curls or foam quite often but they do hurt the head while sleeping. I will definitely be trying this method out.

mckenna said...

Woah i am doing this now and it is SOOOOOO comfy

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