Wednesday, June 29, 2011

when life makes you hide...

First, thanks to all you guys for sticking with me while I've been MIA lately.

Sometimes life just throws a lot at you and it's just more than you can handle.

Sometimes things, like your blog, get put on the backburner.

Sometimes you have to hide.


Which is what happened to me.

I consider so many of you as my blog friends.

So I guess it's time to let you in on what's been going on with me.

The boyfriend and I broke up 10 days ago.

We had been together over 6 and a half years.

I took it pretty hard.

It's still really tough to deal with.

It still hurts.

That's about all the details anyone is getting right now.

I'm not ready to talk about it.

It's just one of those things I'm dealing with myself.

So now you know my story.

I'll try not to neglect you guys anymore.

Thanks for being patient.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Story of my life...

From my "make me laugh" pins on Pinterest...

Yep... I say this almost every day!

Source: None via Courtney on Pinterest

My parents have been telling me this one for, like, EVER.

Ok so I'm not on any meds but there are certainly some people who make me want to get on some!

Hope that gave you a little smile, a giggle, a laugh! Have a great week!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A little avocado... & 6/8 What's Cooking Wednesday

So I NEVER used to eat avocado.
I don't really know why.
Maybe one of those kid "it looks gross, I don't want it" kind of things?

But after high school, I worked in this frozen yogurt/sandwich shop.
We put avocados on our sandwiches.
I would always make mine without the avocado.

Well one day, one of my coworkers was all, "you have to at least try it".
So I did (along with sprouts which also looked like grass to me).
And I liked it (I also didn't mind the sprouts).
But it wasn't bad.

And after that, I was able to eat things like guacamole.
Mmmmm... guacamole.
And other yummy stuff with avocado.

Well last week I got a serious craving for something with avocado.
So I called my BFF Nic (since she's an avocado lover).
"Hey, want to make some of those avocado recipes we both have pinned on Pinterest?"
She was totally for it!

Here's the 2 recipes we chose:

Guacamole Bruschetta


Grilled Corn, Avocado and Tomato Salad with Honey Lime Dressing

We didn't take pictures since we were too busy eating.
You know how that goes, right?

Anyways... the verdict...
I really liked both!
I think they would have been better had we been able to find riper avocados.

The bruschetta was REALLY good!
We accidentally added too much onion, but it didn't hinder it.
The bread was a nice complement to the guacamole :)

The salad was pretty good too.
The avocado was SO not ripe enough.
I think it would have been WAY better had it been riper.
But the sweet honey with the citrus lime was a GREAT combo!


Ok now for a few of the last WCW favorites.
Yea, from almost a month ago.


Over at Permanent Posies, you can find 2 DELICIOUS homemade dip recipes!
One for Chile con Queso... um YUM!
And one for Tomatillio Salsa- which, I might add, includes AVOCADO!

So this recipe for Creamy Tortallini and Chicken over at Young and Crafty...
It looks AMAZING!
Seriously, someone please bring me a MASSIVE bowl.
Right now!

Do you like Almond Joy candy bars?
Then you MUST check out these Almond Joy Cupcakes over at Do You Smell That!
They are SO cute and look YUMMY!

Now.... It's time to see what you have been cooking up!

Add as many recipes as you'd like!

Look for featured ones next week too!
Your recipe could be a favorite!

Grab a button and share with others!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Few New Designs....

So some of you may remember that I started dabbling in blog designs.

And I've been crazy busy working on several lately! So I wanted to share them with you...

Go check them out and let me know what you think! Just click on the image of each to head over to their blog!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Making Your Uploaded Photos Clearer on Blogger

So do you ever run into this issue... You upload your photos to blogger. But when you go to make them bigger, they blur, ever so slightly. They just get fuzzy. See how blurry this is?

Well it was getting on my nerves. I wanted my photos nice and crisp how they should be. So I googled around and found a few tips on how to fix that. Here's the easiest solution...

Add your photo.
Click the "Edit Html" button at the top of your post editor.
Find the image coding.
Remove the section of coding that says "/s400".
This is how the code will look before:

And here's the code after you remove the "/s400":

Then just click back to the "Compose" tab to see your changes!
And here's the photo with the HTML code change:

So much clearer! You can especially see the changes around the words at the bottom.

Let's see those changes again....



With some photos, the change is hard to differentiate, especially if it is a higher quality photo, but it definitely makes a difference.

This process can be a little tedious, especially if you have a lot of photos to do this to, but it really doesn't take that long once you know what you're doing. Really, a few seconds per photo.

Well I hope this tutorial helps you out! Let me know if it works for you!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Yummy Homemade Burgers

So this post is WAY overdue! I made these burgers FOREVER ago but am just getting around to pulling the pictures off my camera so I can show you guys. I know, SHAME ON YOU COURTNEY. *hangs head in shame*

I'm posting it now... can I be redeemed? Because it's a REALLY good recipe! Trust me, it was worth the wait!

So the recipe came out of a Southern Living cookbook I got for my birthday... eek! It's got SO many great recipes... can't wait to try them out :)

Here's the recipe. Pretty simple and we had everything already.

This is the greek seasoning I use. I learned about it when I worked at this yogurt and sandwich shop back after high school. They used it on everything! And it's really good. We put it on sandwiches, use it to season tuna salad, egg salad, chicken salad. In fact, I just made some tuna and egg salad with it today!

Here's my meat with all the seasonings and such, ready to be mixed up for burger awesomeness. I didn't have any bread crumbs so I made my own. Threw a few slices of bread in the oven, got them all toasty. Then tossed them in a ziploc and crumbled.

It smelled really good at this point. I know, raw meat? Ew Courtney. That's gross. The seasonings just blended it and made the kitchen smell so good!

All nice and shaped up...

I cooked them on our (in my super macho commanding voice) LEAN MEAN FAT GRILLING MACHINE! Admit it. It's so much cooler to say that in an awesome voice :) Ok and note to the wise. You probably should spray some cooking spray on the grill first. So the burgers don't stick and fall apart. Like mine did.

But you can't tell they fell apart can you? I'm the master of burger puzzles. Yep. Jealous?

Mmmmm... they were so good! I am definitely going to make them again!

How do you make your burgers?

Friday, June 3, 2011

My Future Laundry Room Inspiration...

Ok so I mentioned a LONG time ago I was house hunting. I found one I am ABSOLUTELY in LOVE with! I put a bid on it and was the highest bidder. Yea, so this was back in MARCH. It's a short sale, but it's not very short. The mortgage company that's selling it is taking their sweet little time and not responding to their realtor. My realtor keeps bugging the other realtor for info but they can't find out anything either. It's very frustrating. Because I've been looking around and there's just no other house that screams out to me. Know what I mean? I don't want to settle for something I don't love.

Anyways, this house has a pretty large sized laundry room. And I'm excited! Even though I hate laundry. Seriously, I mostly want a house so I can decorate and remodel. Crazy huh? I have, like, a BILLION ideas! Anyways, here's a picture I snapped of the laundry room. I wish I'd taken more so I could show you more of what it looks like.

The floor is nice and tiled. The walls need to be painted but I'd do that anyways. There's shelving all around the room which is nice too. There's 2 doors. One that leads to the garage, one to the kitchen.

I even have my washer and dryer already. I bought them from Best Buy about a month ago (they were on serious sale)... they're sitting in storage waiting on a home. How sad. But I knew I'd want front loaders. I'm in LOVE with them. They're so pretty. Yea, so I base my purchases on prettiness. That's how I got my laptop. My dad (aka computer genius) picked the brands I could choose from based on functionality. I picked the HP because it was pretty :)

Ok so my laundry room inspirations... I've pinned these all on my Pinterest :)

So I think I want colors like this... an aqua/teal and white with silver/chrome accents.... so pretty!

I like the idea of building a counter over the washer and dryer with storage on each side. Like this:

And this...

One more counter top. But I really love the idea of putting the detergent and stuff in cute jars!

And I LOVE this idea for sorting laundry. You know, I do have high hopes of staying organized. Instead of throwing my laundry into a pile in front of the washer and dryer and sorting from there.

And since it's right by the garage door which would be the door I mainly came in, I like the idea of having a storage area. Somewhere to keep my bills and mail, without it being so open to everyone. The room is certainly big enough for it! Plus I LOVE the ironing board storage!

Ok so that's a little of how I want my laundry room... any suggestions? How does your laundry room look?

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Birth Info Subway Art

So I recently found this on Pinterest:

I pinned it, knowing I would want to make this someday. Well that day came this week. There's this baby at work that I have FALLEN IN LOVE WITH! Seriously. I want to take him home with me. So does everyone pretty much. I decided to make this for him. He doesn't really have a name yet so I omitted the name.

I can't show you the one I made for him, but I redid it with my birth info. I pulled some of the stuff my mom wrote in my baby book. Check it out:

I just made an 8x10 white canvas in Photoshop. I used Century Gothic (my new favorite font) as the font. Then just altered the sizes and directions and colors to fill the page. I sent his to be sent at Walgreens. Then I found one of those 10x14 all glass frames at Walmart. I centered the image and then it's see through around it. It turned out SO CUTE! I loved it!

I'm totally going to make these for my future family. I think it would be a great idea to have everyone's (mom, dad, kids) lined up together.

What would yours or your kids' say?

Letter to the Bad Driver

So I found this post I had started writing back in August. I had been caught in a bad mood so I was REALLY CRANKY! But I have come across so many bad drivers, I thought I'd finish it up and share with you guys! And I want to hear your input... what driving habits irk you?


It has been one stressful week. I've had one thing on top of another piling up. I had to move my boyfriend up to his new apartment for college. I hate this time of year because I get spoiled to seeing him at least a few days out of the week during the summer rather than just the once I get during school. Oh, speaking of school. I had my LAST first day today! Yep, that's right! Started my last semester of college :) Hopefully I'll be an RN come December. But this is going to be my hardest semester. Half of the group in the class last semester failed out halfway through. That doesn't make the rest of us really confident. So add that plus the billion other things stressing me out right now and I'm one tired, cranky chick!

Which brings me to my focus today... Bad drivers. Apparently it is not a good idea to drive poorly around me when I'm in a stressed mood. It just makes me angry and my road rage slips out. "What are you doing?" "Are you crazy?" "Um, HELLO! Yea, I'm driving right here!" "Thanks. Thanks a lot for cutting me off." "Yea, go ahead and tailgate me. See if I go faster." So here is my rant letter to bad drivers out there. You don't have to read it. I just feel better writing this out.

Attention all drivers! (well, at least the bad ones I've seen lately)...

This letter is addressed to you. Poor drivers are one of my pet peeves. Now, I'm not saying I don't mess up every now and then. But seriously! Some people just do not know how to drive! Please read my letter and hopefully learn something to improve your awful skills.

Perhaps you forgot the laws of driving. Maybe your driving instructor didn't prepare you enough. I don't know your story, but I do know that you are a TERRIBLE driver. So to refresh your memory, I've decided to list a few of the driving rules/common courtesies in case you can't remember. Which you can't.

1. 'Right on Red' does not mean you can automatically turn right if the light is red. 'Right on Red' means you can turn right if the light is red ONLY, and I mean ONLY if there is no one coming. And I believe this includes people on a service road next to the road you are on. They are the ones with the green light. Let them go! You do not have the right to turn! And really, is it going to kill you to wait the 30 seconds for your light to turn green? I think not!

2. Vehicles are made with a blinker for a reason! USE IT! I do not want to have to slam on my brakes because you decided to make a random (at least to me because I had no indication by blinker that you were turning) turn. And you are supposed to use it when you switch lanes. FYI.

3. Tailgating me will not make me go faster. I promise. If anything, I really want to slow down just to make you madder. Because chances are, I'm going the speed limit or even 5 over. So there's no reason for you to be going any faster. Emergencies, yea that's a little different. But rushing because you hit your snooze 4 times and now you're late for work? Not an excuse to tail me.

4. Now speaking of speed limits and stuff, please follow them. They're posted for a reason. I don't really have a big beef with 5 or 10 over. But when you're flying past me recklessly, I have a problem. That goes the same with people who want to go REALLY SLOW. 25 in a 50 mph is uncalled for. At least pull over and let the massive line of people pass you.

5. I do not care to listen to the "boom-boom" of your speakers or the rumble of your pipes when we're stopped. It just makes you look like you're trying to show off and frankly, you look like an idiot (this is mostly guys in my experience).

6. Please do not pull out in front of me. It makes me have to slam on my brakes and I'm sure that's not good for my SUV. If you're going to pull in front of me, you better hit the gas and speed up to where I don't have to touch my brake. Thanks.

7. If you can't multitask while driving, and I mean multitask effectively and efficiently, then please don't. This includes talking on the phone, texting, smoking, doing your make-up, digging for something in your car, etc. Pull over or something. I don't want you swerving all over the place trying to do whatever it is you are doing.

8. Please, please, please, PLEASE... do not drink and drive. Even one drink can slightly inhibit you. Lives are more important than your desire to slowly destroy your liver.

9. Your toddler does not need to be running around the car. That's why they make child seats.

10. On the matter of children, please do not cram five 12 year olds into the back of a truck. Or a 8 month pregnant girl in the back of a truck with NO TAILGATE! It's just not safe. True story. I've seen both.

11. Please do not pull from the parking lot/other road into the turning lane when going left. You scare me because I think you're going to hit me. And you almost cause accidents when people turning off the highway can't get into the turn lane.

12. PULL OVER FOR EMERGENCY VEHICLES! Ooooh... this one really makes me mad! It doesn't matter if they are coming from the other direction, you have to pull over if there is no median. Hop a curb, just get out of the way! Their lights are on for a reason!

13. When there is an accident or something on the side of the road, DO NOT go flying past the people standing outside. Slow down. I can't stand it when people fly by and there's children on the side of the road and stuff. They only slow down once the police get there.

14. Learn to park. I HATE it when I find a parking spot but can't fit there because you're taking up 2 spots with your ridiculous parking skills. And don't park so close to me that I have to climb into my passenger side just to get to my driver seat. That's just rude.

15. Really, REALLY? Did you just pass me to slow down and turn? REALLY?

Ok. So now it's YOUR turn. What are your driving pet peeves?
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