Thursday, March 31, 2011

Craft Couture

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Here's a few of my favorite things :)

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

No Bake Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies & 3/30 What's Cooking Wednesday

I TOTALLY meant to post this up last week but I worked last Wednesday and was just too plain tired to do much of anything! But it's here now :)

I've been making these cookies since I could reach the stove. They're super easy to make and OH-SO-DELICIOUS!

The best recipe I've found for them is in an old cook book my mom has. One of those she has deemed to stay with her once I move out. Here's the recipe:

Sugar, milk, and cocoa powder. After I realized we had no cocoa powder and I had to make a quick trip to Dollar General.

Bring to a boil for one minute. Trust me. This is MUY IMPORTANTE! I tried to rush another batch later in the week and didn't boil long enough. They came out SUPER grainy from the sugar. Disgusting. I threw the whole batch out.

Add the peanut butter. I mixed until smooth then added the oatmeal.

Stir until mixed.

Drop onto waxed paper.

Mmmm... so yummy!

Try to resist eating them before they've cooled or you end up scraping it off the paper. Oh well. Totally worth it. SO DELICIOUS!

Enjoy :)

Now for a few of 2 weeks ago's favorites!

Check out this Slow Cooker Curried Chicken over at Mostly Food and Crafts.... Mmmm!

This Hot Hamburger Plate meal over at Small Town Life has got my mouth watering!

There's nothing like good ole' Chocolate Chip Cookies like these over at Reenie Jae Creations :)

Now.... It's time to see what you've been cooking up!

Add as many recipes as you'd like! Look for featured ones next week too! Your recipe could be a favorite!

Grab a button and share with others!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Fisherman's Bedroom

Ok, everybody, hop on the Super-Awesome-Time-Travel-Machine I built. Yea, it's invisible. Just pretend it's there. Because we are going back in time. Many moons, ago. Ok so like 2007. But still.

I wanted to share some pictures with you guys of the room makeover I did for my brother back when I was a freshman in college, he was a sophomore in high school. He had an overnight soccer tournament so it was the perfect opportunity. We had exactly 2 days to get this done. A While You Were Out moment.

First, the BEFORE photos. Be warned. It's a little scary.

He had his room done in LSU when he was a lot younger. Now that he'd gotten older, he just didn't care anymore about college sports as much. He was more of a hunt, fish, four-wheeler riding kind of guy.

It was a train wreck. I will note that my mom had already begun the process of gutting out his closet, getting rid of clothes he never wore. And notice the blanket he has NAILED around the window to keep out light.

Yea, the dresser? It was an old one of mine that I had tried to begin to paint to match the colors of my bedroom. A LONG time ago. And there's a sticker from a pair of pants stuck to it. Everything is even regurgitating into that hallway. I told you it was scary.

So the first thing we did was paint over that horrible gold with a nice deep green. "Spinach" was the name actually. My dad even helped paint. We usually put him in charge of edging since we hate doing that part because he's tall and everything. Doesn't the color just look so much better already?

Here's the finished room (well almost... the paint was still drying to nothing's pushed against the walls yet)! And please ignore macho-me. It was late. I think the paint fumes were getting to me.

I bought most everything, since this was my early Christmas gift to him, but my parents got him a nice new bedspread (brown) and camo duvet cover thing.

We hit up a lot of garage sales for this thing. We got these old fishing poles and used them as curtain rods. We also used towels on shower curtain hooks as the curtains. They do an AMAZING job at blocking out light without having to pay for the blackout curtains.

We got rid of that HIDEOUS dresser and got him a small plastic dresser. Perfect since his wardrobe has been cut in half thanks to mom :) We went to town with that camo duct tape. Used it to cover the yellow on the bulletin board. Also added hooks to the bottom for his hats. The fishing rod is hanging from the ceiling with fishing wire.

Nice, organized, desk. We used tackle boxes from garage sales to store stuff in. It's hard to see but at the bottom left part of the desk we used some vintage looking fish pails for storage.

We found this great wreath at one of the garage sales, already made up with the baits and stuff.

Another fishing pole hanging above his closet. With a new pair of waders from my parents. Also camo duct taped his old LSU light switch plate. You can slightly see the PILES of stuff we pulled from his room in the hall.

Now, want to see his reaction?

First walking in and turning on the light.

Realization hits in.

So excited! He LOVED it! Well, as much as a guy will admit. "This is so cool!"

Gotta hug for mom to get it on camera :)

Overall, I LOVED the way it turned out. So did he. It's not a fisherman's room anymore (since he moved out last year) but it's still one of my favorite makeovers! And the whole thing didn't cost much since we hit up them garage sales and used what we had!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

3/27 Spotlight Sunday & BLOGHOP with Whimsy Bits




Oh. Yeah. Again, I'm sorry! I seem to have these stretches where I go off the map for a couple of days. Or weeks. I feel like I use the "I'm working" excuse too much :( But I really am working! I promise!

But anyways, back on track Courtney! I'm SOOOO excited to introduce you guys to Ashley from over at Whimsy Bits! I L.O.V.E. her blog! She is A-MAZ-ING! Ok, but enough from me! Ashley is going to introduce herself a little more and share an AWESOME tutorial with you guys :)

hello not so homemade fans! i'm ashley and pleased to meet cha!
before i show you my ah-may-zing-transformation/tutorial, i want to give a big xoxo to courtney for having me here! this gal is awesome and so talented and i'm privileged to call her my bloggy friend! so, thanks courtney!

here's what you should know about me; i'm a twenty something crafting, sewing, creating fool! i love my famiy and friends and my dog dallas more than anything in the world. i'm a texas gal living in kentucky, for now, trying to become a teacher while i nanny two adorable little girls. i started blogging as a way to keep in touch with my fam but it's grown into so much more. now i love to write, create, meet new people and read other blogs. i've also started making things for my family and friends and opened an etsy shop. i'm still small time but i LOVE my life!

ok, now to the good stuff...

sometime in february i got this cart for FREE!! i love free stuff, don't you?!
anywho, i took my sweet time (about 6 weeks!) figuring out what to do with it, and came up with this...

see that ugly blue and those gold wheels? yuck.

i primed the cart first.

then sprayed it with blue ocean breeze (my new spray paint addiction).

next it was time for those wheels to get a little makeover. i used basic black spray paint on those babies!

i could've stopped there but i wanted a little more pizzaz!
so i bought this great black and white striped fabric.

i sewed a ribbon in coordinating colors to hide the raw edges at the bottom.

then i used hot glue and felt to add some pink strings to tie up the panels.

here's a pic of the finished panel down.

and here's my cart all loaded up with crafty stuff and fabric!

i loved doing this project and once i got started it didn't take me too long to finish. maybe four hours total and since the cart was free and i had the spray paint i only spent about $20.
what do y'all think?

thanks so much for having me and please don't hesitate to come on over to my blog and take a look around. i love making new friends, and i don't bite!


I LOVE how cute that turned out! Ashley, you are SO TALENTED! Here's a few more things I sorta have a crush on over at Whimsy Bits :)

This tiered serving tray is SO easy to make and SUPER CUTE!

I love how this tote bag turned out! A great way to spice up any big :)

And... she cooks! Mmmm... Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies!

And if you haven't checked out her etsy shop Whimsy Bits by Ash, you are truly missing out! She has some AMAZING stuff at AWESOME prices! Her bib necklaces are SO CUTE!

So I hope you'll stop by Whimsy Bits and say hello to Ashley! And go ahead and click Follow at the top of the page. You know you want to :) Because, seriously, you don't want to miss ANYTHING!

Now for this week's Spotlight Sunday! You don't have to link to anything in particular... just share your amazing blog with us :)

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Check out these fun cupcake cards over at Stuck on a Cloud! So cute! Great to have on hand for any birthday occasion :)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

3/20 Spotlight Sunday & BLOGHOP

This week, I thought I'd highlight a few things I found on some of the blogs linked up last week!

Over at The Sassy Crafter, you can learn how to make a leather flower... what a great variation from the standard fabric flowers :)

I love this tray over at Young and Crafty! She turned a cheesy dollar store find into a SUPER CUTE tray!

Over at Reenie Jae Creations, she made a fun scarf... out of a T-Shirt! And I love the fabric flower she added to it!

This globe over at Vintage Skye is STUNNING! It was a cheap thrift store find that looks like a million bucks now!

I love how this shelf turned out over at Live. Laugh. Repeat. It was a plain dark brown before but she gave it a new life :)

Now for this week's Spotlight Sunday! You don't have to link to anything in particular... just share your amazing blog with us :)

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