Friday, December 23, 2011

Whip Out that Crochet Hook

So if you caught my post the other day, I shared with you one of Nichole's B-Day gifts.

And I promised to share more of her gifts with you guys!
So here we go :)

The first thing I made was a crocheted headband with a flower.

I used patterns found at Creative Yarn {lots of great patterns here!}.

I didn't follow quite exactly.
I modified because my hook wasn't the same size.

I used the heather gray yarn I used to make my beginner's crocheted headband.

Then I just kinda played around with this purple yarn I had to make this flower.
I used the first flower headband as a guideline so I'm editing her instructions as to what I did.

I'll try to remember how I did it for you guys...

Ch 4, join to make ring with sl st.
Round 1: ch3 (count as dc), 7 dc in ring,sl st to third ch of beg. ch3. (8 dc)
Round 2: ch3 (count as dc), dc in same space as joining, *2dc in next dc*. Repeat from * around, sl st to third ch of beg. ch3. (16 dc)
Round 3: *ch8, skip next 1 dc, sc in next dc*. Repeat from * around ending with sl st to previous joining st.

If you follow those instructions, you should end up with 8 petals.
Not 7 like me.
Since I can't count.

Anyways, I just slipped in a clip so it can be worn in the hair.
Or you could attach a pin to make a brooch.

This was also something Nichole had pinned.
I figured I could make it.

Source: via Nic on Pinterest

I found an old typewriter font online.
Got on Photoshop and made the image.
Printed it on photo paper.

Then I had a white frame with no glass that I slipped it in.
It's not exactly the same but I think she liked it :)
{sorry... forgot to take a picture}

If I don't talk to you guys before then...


kayla said...

Cute headband, you did a great job on her gifts!!

Merry Chirstmas, Courtney!

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