Thursday, November 3, 2011

Updated Mirror and Wall Art

So my parents gave me their old mirror from their living room.

But at some point during my move one of the mirror pieces broke and the rest were falling off.

So I decided to give it an overhaul!

I pulled off the surrounding pieces of mirror.
Then I painted it the aqua-ish color of my kitchen (and accent color in my living room).
(I have an open kitchen/living room floor plan)

I attached the central mirror back and hung it up using heavy duty screws.

It was still missing something though...

So I grabbed a few spare canvases I had and got to work.
First I painted them the Antique White all my kitchen cabinets are painted.
Then I used the same aqua, the brown from my living room, and the gray from my bedroom to make random circles on the canvases.

I used a plastic cup for the big circles.
I used the ends of empty toilet paper rolls for the medium ones.
And the small ones are from the cap of a hairspray bottle.

I LOVED how the canvases turned out!
They're not perfect but that's what I find so unique about them :)

And now my wall is complete!
My living room looks SO much more homey now.

I'm loving how my house is piecing together and I can't wait until it's all finished so I can give you guys a tour :)


Jessi said...

That looks so nice and fresh! Great colors. :)

Vicky said...

LOVE this. I love what you used on the canvas. What a great, thrifty idea. The colors work so well together. I am a new follower from Young and Crafty. Vicky from Mess For Less

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