Thursday, November 10, 2011

Cheesy Broccoli Soup & 11/9 What's Cooking Wednesday

Can you do me a favor?
Just pretend it's Wednesday.
So I don't feel like a total slacker.
Yea, sure, Wednesday, sure.

Ok... glad that's settled.
Wednesday it is!

So Nichole and I made this soup the other night.
Oh. My.
SUPER Delicious!

Cheesy Broccoli Soup.
We both had it pinned on Pinterest and just HAD to try it.
You can find it over at Mangio da Sola!

I made it almost just like she says.
The velveeta makes it perfectly cheesy!
I used chicken stock, not boullion cubes.
And I omitted the nutmeg and cardamom.
A- because I didn't have any.
B- because it just sounded odd to me and I'm a chicken to try weird things in my food.

This soup is HEAVENLY!
Perfect to warm you up during cold weather :)

You should DEFINITELY save this recipe!

So only 3 link ups last week so they ALL get featured!
And they all look FANTASTIC!

Check out this Chai Cheesecake over at Our Home's Cool.
Doesn't it look YUMMY?

Over at Cook Lisa Cook you can find a recipe for Thin Mint Irish Coffee.
A great recipe to use those girl scout cookies!

And I REALLY want to try this next recipe!
Over at The Rickett Chronicles you can find a fabulous recipe for Cinnamon Biscuit Balls!

Now.... It's time to see what you have been cooking up lately!

Add as many recipes as you'd like!

Look for featured ones next week too!
Your recipe could be a favorite!

Grab the NEW button and share with others!


Lisa~~ said...

I'll pretend it's Wednesday and thanks for the feature...I'll take it even with the limited entries.

Amie {Kitty Cats and Airplanes} said...

Omg, I drooled a little. Must try!!

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