Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Banana Pudding Pie & 10/26 What's Cooking Wednesday

I know, I know...
I missed last week.
But to be fair I was out of town.
Plus my kitchen is out of commission while I do a little remodeling.
Check out the LOVELY harvest gold countertops I'm working with.

Can we say UGLY?
Don't worry... they're fixed now....
But you'll have to wait until it's totally finished to see the ending results :)

Anyways, enough about that.
It's time for this week's recipe!

I had the idea in mind when I saw these Nilla wafer crusts at the store.

What I did was layer some sliced bananas at the bottom.

Most recipes I saw called for 2 vanilla puddings.
Instead, I used 1 vanilla and 1 banana cream.

I mixed both pudding boxes with 2 cups of milk.
Mix until it gets to a thick consistency.
Use a mixer if you've got it.
Which I don't.
So I had to do it by hand.

Then I added 1 cup of whipped topping.

I spread that over the sliced bananas.

Then spread some more whipped topping over that.

Then decorated with Mini Nilla Wafers.
I love these things!
They're so cute!

Refrigerate for a few hours so it can set.
Then... Enjoy!
It was really good!
Although it does pretty much fall apart when you try to slice it.

Now for a few of last week's favorites!

Check out these DELICIOUS Pizza Sandwiches over at Young & Crafty!

And WHAT? Hot Chocolate Chip Cookies over at Small Town Life... YUM!

I LOVE these Jack-O-Lantern Burgers over at Tomatoes & Apple Pie!

Now.... It's time to see what you have been cooking up lately!

Add as many recipes as you'd like!

Look for featured ones next week too!
Your recipe could be a favorite!

Grab the NEW button and share with others!


kayla said...

Thanks for the deature Courtney!! I'm linking up some great recipes again today!! :)

Megan said...

unfortunately, I don't like banana desserts, but your pie is so pretty! I like the cookie design on the top :)

I linked up my tie dye cookies :)

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