Monday, September 19, 2011

stressed out & a little comic relief

Disclaimer: This is kinda a "Courtney needs to vent" post.

So I coach a cheerleading squad for a private Christian school here in town.
There are 8 girls on the squad (4 seniors, 3 juniors, and 1 sophomore).

Here's the girls cheering at a game a few weeks ago.

I took this with my iPhone and edited it using Instagram, my new favorite photo app.
My friend has been telling me about it for a long time.
I finally went to download it.
Then realized I already had it but had never used it.
Gotta love moments like that.

Anyways, coaching a group of 15-18 year old girls can be stressful.
They all have their own personalities and attitudes.
I dislike some of their attitudes.
I wish they could all get along and love each other like sisters.
But that's not the case.

There is one particular girl who is causing a lot of DRAMA on the squad.
She emotionally hurts a lot of the girls on the squad and in the school.
But I can't catch her doing it.
So there's not a whole lot I can do.
She also misses a lot of practices for what she says are doctor appts and such.
I've never gotten an excuse from her.
But she has got me to my wits end.

Her mom is just as bad as she is.
If her daughter doesn't get what she wants, the world will end.
Who needs 12-12-12 when this girl doesn't get her way.
I swear this girl is the victim of EVERYTHING.
Apparently EVERYONE is out to get her daughter.

Anyways, here's what happened the other night.
At the HOMECOMING football game.
So 4 of the girls (yes, half my squad) were on homecoming court.
2 of the seniors, 2 of the juniors.
This particular girl (a senior) did not make it.
And let me tell you there was a WHOLE mess up at that school about it.
It was scary.
Her momma was up there screaming at everyone because her daughter didn't make court.
But that's another story.

Anyways, so the girl wasn't on court.
I had her, another senior, a junior, and the sophomore to cheer together.
All fine and dandy.
So I called the girl and left her a voicemail at 3 telling her to be there at 5:30 and to wear a certain bow.

The girl shows up at 6:30.
I asked her why she was late, I left a message.
She said she never got my message.
What teenage girl doesn't check her phone?
If she didn't get the voicemail, she would have at least seen the missed call.
It rang a billion times.
I know it went through.

She also shows up with this elaborate, curly hair do.
It was homecoming court worthy.
Not cheerleading worthy.
It was pulled half up.
I make the girls wear it in a ponytail.
I asked her to pull it up.
She said she didn't have a ponytail.
I asked her if she could find one.
She said she'd try and then kinda walked off.

Fast forward to game starting time.
She STILL doesn't have her hair up.
I asked her again.
She mumbled something about no ponytail.
I went and found her a ponytail and brought it to her.
I told her I had borrowed it and to keep up with it.
And I told her to pull her hair up.
Man, did I get some attitude about that.
I saw her eye rolling and stuff.
She looks at the ponytail (which was one of the regular ones, not the super thin ones).
Apparently it's not going to work.
It will be too tight.
I told her to only wrap it twice and it would be fine.
She THROWS THE PONYTAIL ON THE GROUND and asks a friend for a thin one.
Hmm... interesting she could find a ponytail that fast.
So she pulls her hair up.

Problem solved, right?

A few minutes later the girl's mom walks up to me.
She tells me (in a not so nice way) her daughter is not wearing her hair in a ponytail.
It is her daughter's senior year and she'll wear her hair however she wants.
Her daughter is about to cry because she doesn't like her ears showing.
I told the mom she could go to the bathroom and fix it.
She said no, she's wearing her hair down.
I tried to talk to the mom and explain that all girls must pull up their hair.
She yelled that she wasn't listening to me and walked off.
Like a 5 year old.

I lost it.
I had been dealing with the drama from this girl and her mom too long.
I walked out of the game and to my car.
Where I completely started sobbing.
I know I shouldn't have let it get to me.
But I was tired.
It had been a long day.
I'm just trying to make the squad good.
But I can't when I get screamed at.

The school counselor saw me and recognized me.
She came and talked to me.
I was so grateful for that.

I calmed down some.
Then I called the sponsor (one of the junior girl's mom).
I told her I didn't know if I could do this anymore.
I couldn't stand getting yelled at and all the drama.
She told me to hang on and she'd call me back.

She did and told me she had the principal, church pastor, and associate pastor.
I went up and told them what happened.
They all know the trouble this family is causing.
They told me if it happens again, to direct them to one of them.
I shouldn't have to handle it.
Then the sponsor found someone to work concessions for her to stay with me.
She was basically my bodyguard.

The whole night was just so stressful.
I wish I could get these girls to get along.
I just don't know what to do.

Yesterday my mom found out from one of the football player's parents about what happened.
She was livid someone made her baby girl cry.
She wanted to go beat that other momma up.
She said next time it happens to call her.
She said, "If she says you're making my daughter cry, well she's making my daughter cry."
I love my mom.

And I love coaching the girls.
I enjoy it so much.
Just not the drama.

Anyways, as some comic relief I have a video to show you.
A few of the girls on the squad told me about it.
It made me smile :)
Plus it's Monday... we all need a little stress relief on Mondays.

Have a great Monday!


Christina said...

oh Courtney...I'm so sorry to hear people are stressing you out...I was getting so mad reading this story!! I'm glad you have some wise people who realize what's going on and can help you next time!

PS - LOVE Marcel the shell with shoes on :)

kayla said...

Oh gotta love the highschool drama and the parents that "support" it. I remember when I was in highschool, there were parents just like that if their kids didn't get their way.

You are so brave coaching hs cheerleaders...stay strong girl and stick your ground. Remember YOU are THEIR coach, not the parents!! :)

Katie said...

And you wonder where her daughter learned to behave like that from. You are much nicer then me because I would have told her that if she can't wear her hair the way it is supposed to be then she can't cheer in the game! Hang in there. People like that pride themselves in making other people feel bad so make that be the last thing she notices! It will drive her CRAZY! :)

Dawn said...

What a horrible experience, you have my sympathies! It makes my blood boil to read how the mother condoned her behavior, and acted just as poorly as the girl did. As the coach, do you have the authority to have her removed from the squad? I know it makes an odd number for the team, but it sounds like this girl is more trouble than an actual benefit to the squad. So it's her senior year. So what! She should abide by the rules like the rest of the girls. What is next...her own particular choice of uniform to wear? Unfortunately it's not happened yet as she's had her momma to back up her childish actions...but there will come a day she will be held accountable for such behavior - misconduct can lead to being fired from any job and it might be a good lesson for her to learn now.

Amie {Kitty Cats and Airplanes} said...

Holy freak, that is just ridiculous! It disgusts me when full grown adults act like that. I'm sorry you have to deal with such crap, I hope it's gotten better since then!

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