Monday, September 12, 2011

guest post: Dixie Delights

Hey y'all! I'm Amanda from Dixie Delights and I'm just *delighted* to be guest posting over here at Not So Homemade!

I'm always rearranging, fixing or tweaking something around my house, and one of my latest victims was the foyer. Here's the nothing-too-terribly-wrong-with-it before (other than the horrendous picture taking skills)...

...and here's how it looks after a few simple changes!!!

The day we moved in two years ago, I plopped the best table I had for the space in the foyer and it's bothered me every day, multiple times a day, since that day. After measuring the space oh, say a few thousand times, I knew that I really needed a four foot by one foot sized console. Well, I suppose I'm the only person on the planet needing a table that size because, after turning the city of Atlanta upside down looking for that table, I realized that I'd have to just make one myself. And by "make one myself" I totally mean "have my husband (affectionately referred to as Honey in blog-land) make one."

Always up for a challenge and a reason to go hide in his basement workshop lair for a few hours, Honey whipped out this looker, to my height, width and length specifications, in no time flat.

And with a few yards of burlap and a cranky sewing machine, the table became this! I literally squealed with delight the minute I slipped the tiered, ruffled confection onto the perfectly portioned table.

Well, like a domino effect, I realized that the rug in the room had to go just as soon as I finished the aforementioned squeal. I just fell right in love with this graphic Dash and Albert beaut when I set eye on it during a downtown Savannah shopping excursion to One Fish Two Fish. And I made it mine on the spot.

Armed with a much more spacious area for displaying entryway eye candy, I replaced the original buffet lamp with a matching pair from my local go-to decor store - G. Scott Interiors.

And, with found oyster shells, a WalMart frame and a tube of liquid nails, I DIY'd an oyster shell frame for our family photo. See the full how-to here.

Finally, with my printer and some double sided tape, I made patterned chandelier sleeves to match the rug for FREE. Here's the full story on that.

And, if you spied the numbered stairs in the picture above, know that was my very. first. project. in this house! Very first as in a moving day project kind of first. Honey thought I'd about lost my mind as he's hauling in furniture and I'm applying vinyl numbers to our stairs. Look here for the details. (Old picture = no new chandelier sleeves)

So that's the story of my updated entryway. Y'all hop on over to visit me at Dixie Delights any time!


So I'm LOVING what Amanda did with her foyer!

It's definitely getting my foyer decorating juices flowing!

Mine is very BLAH right now... hey Amanda! Wanna come fix mine up? :)

Be sure to head on over to Dixie Delights and show her some LOVE! You'll ADORE her blog, trust me :)

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kayla said...

Ok, I'm loving the ruffled burlap table cover, super cute!!

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