Thursday, September 22, 2011

got a facelift


No, not me!

My blog silly :)

I felt like it was time for a change.

And it's FALL!
My FAVORITE season of the year!

So I went to this site, Design Seeds, and found an autumn color palette I loved.
Then made a design I liked using the colors in the image!

I only really used the lighter blue, maroon, and the gray.

The old blue was getting to be a little too bright for me.

But I LOVE the new colors!

Also added new social buttons to the top of my header.
Which was a PAIN to do!
Seriously, it took me like an hour to position them with HTML.

Be sure to grab the new buttons too :)
Located on the sidebar!

A new page was added to my nav bar... About Me... Coming Soon!
Deleted the blog hops tab... I'll consolidate it with Blogs I Love.


What do you think?


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