Friday, June 3, 2011

My Future Laundry Room Inspiration...

Ok so I mentioned a LONG time ago I was house hunting. I found one I am ABSOLUTELY in LOVE with! I put a bid on it and was the highest bidder. Yea, so this was back in MARCH. It's a short sale, but it's not very short. The mortgage company that's selling it is taking their sweet little time and not responding to their realtor. My realtor keeps bugging the other realtor for info but they can't find out anything either. It's very frustrating. Because I've been looking around and there's just no other house that screams out to me. Know what I mean? I don't want to settle for something I don't love.

Anyways, this house has a pretty large sized laundry room. And I'm excited! Even though I hate laundry. Seriously, I mostly want a house so I can decorate and remodel. Crazy huh? I have, like, a BILLION ideas! Anyways, here's a picture I snapped of the laundry room. I wish I'd taken more so I could show you more of what it looks like.

The floor is nice and tiled. The walls need to be painted but I'd do that anyways. There's shelving all around the room which is nice too. There's 2 doors. One that leads to the garage, one to the kitchen.

I even have my washer and dryer already. I bought them from Best Buy about a month ago (they were on serious sale)... they're sitting in storage waiting on a home. How sad. But I knew I'd want front loaders. I'm in LOVE with them. They're so pretty. Yea, so I base my purchases on prettiness. That's how I got my laptop. My dad (aka computer genius) picked the brands I could choose from based on functionality. I picked the HP because it was pretty :)

Ok so my laundry room inspirations... I've pinned these all on my Pinterest :)

So I think I want colors like this... an aqua/teal and white with silver/chrome accents.... so pretty!

I like the idea of building a counter over the washer and dryer with storage on each side. Like this:

And this...

One more counter top. But I really love the idea of putting the detergent and stuff in cute jars!

And I LOVE this idea for sorting laundry. You know, I do have high hopes of staying organized. Instead of throwing my laundry into a pile in front of the washer and dryer and sorting from there.

And since it's right by the garage door which would be the door I mainly came in, I like the idea of having a storage area. Somewhere to keep my bills and mail, without it being so open to everyone. The room is certainly big enough for it! Plus I LOVE the ironing board storage!

Ok so that's a little of how I want my laundry room... any suggestions? How does your laundry room look?


Gretchen said...

I have a shelving unit for my laundry baskets too and LOVE it (although mine by no means is that pretty!) have fun doing virtual decorating and trust in the Lord to provide the house in his perfect timing :)

I Am Not Superwoman said...

You don't even want to know what my laundry room looks like. LOL...We have a huge laundry room but clothes galore everywhere. We do have shelving and a hanging area even. You think those would ever get used...LOL...Anywho, these are all great ideas. Maybe some inspiration is all I need. BTW, found you on another blog. Following you know. Hope you can drop by my neck of the woods and follow back if you like. I am having a giveaway ends 6/12 so if you are so inclined. Make sure you enter. Lower entries.

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