Thursday, June 2, 2011

Letter to the Bad Driver

So I found this post I had started writing back in August. I had been caught in a bad mood so I was REALLY CRANKY! But I have come across so many bad drivers, I thought I'd finish it up and share with you guys! And I want to hear your input... what driving habits irk you?


It has been one stressful week. I've had one thing on top of another piling up. I had to move my boyfriend up to his new apartment for college. I hate this time of year because I get spoiled to seeing him at least a few days out of the week during the summer rather than just the once I get during school. Oh, speaking of school. I had my LAST first day today! Yep, that's right! Started my last semester of college :) Hopefully I'll be an RN come December. But this is going to be my hardest semester. Half of the group in the class last semester failed out halfway through. That doesn't make the rest of us really confident. So add that plus the billion other things stressing me out right now and I'm one tired, cranky chick!

Which brings me to my focus today... Bad drivers. Apparently it is not a good idea to drive poorly around me when I'm in a stressed mood. It just makes me angry and my road rage slips out. "What are you doing?" "Are you crazy?" "Um, HELLO! Yea, I'm driving right here!" "Thanks. Thanks a lot for cutting me off." "Yea, go ahead and tailgate me. See if I go faster." So here is my rant letter to bad drivers out there. You don't have to read it. I just feel better writing this out.

Attention all drivers! (well, at least the bad ones I've seen lately)...

This letter is addressed to you. Poor drivers are one of my pet peeves. Now, I'm not saying I don't mess up every now and then. But seriously! Some people just do not know how to drive! Please read my letter and hopefully learn something to improve your awful skills.

Perhaps you forgot the laws of driving. Maybe your driving instructor didn't prepare you enough. I don't know your story, but I do know that you are a TERRIBLE driver. So to refresh your memory, I've decided to list a few of the driving rules/common courtesies in case you can't remember. Which you can't.

1. 'Right on Red' does not mean you can automatically turn right if the light is red. 'Right on Red' means you can turn right if the light is red ONLY, and I mean ONLY if there is no one coming. And I believe this includes people on a service road next to the road you are on. They are the ones with the green light. Let them go! You do not have the right to turn! And really, is it going to kill you to wait the 30 seconds for your light to turn green? I think not!

2. Vehicles are made with a blinker for a reason! USE IT! I do not want to have to slam on my brakes because you decided to make a random (at least to me because I had no indication by blinker that you were turning) turn. And you are supposed to use it when you switch lanes. FYI.

3. Tailgating me will not make me go faster. I promise. If anything, I really want to slow down just to make you madder. Because chances are, I'm going the speed limit or even 5 over. So there's no reason for you to be going any faster. Emergencies, yea that's a little different. But rushing because you hit your snooze 4 times and now you're late for work? Not an excuse to tail me.

4. Now speaking of speed limits and stuff, please follow them. They're posted for a reason. I don't really have a big beef with 5 or 10 over. But when you're flying past me recklessly, I have a problem. That goes the same with people who want to go REALLY SLOW. 25 in a 50 mph is uncalled for. At least pull over and let the massive line of people pass you.

5. I do not care to listen to the "boom-boom" of your speakers or the rumble of your pipes when we're stopped. It just makes you look like you're trying to show off and frankly, you look like an idiot (this is mostly guys in my experience).

6. Please do not pull out in front of me. It makes me have to slam on my brakes and I'm sure that's not good for my SUV. If you're going to pull in front of me, you better hit the gas and speed up to where I don't have to touch my brake. Thanks.

7. If you can't multitask while driving, and I mean multitask effectively and efficiently, then please don't. This includes talking on the phone, texting, smoking, doing your make-up, digging for something in your car, etc. Pull over or something. I don't want you swerving all over the place trying to do whatever it is you are doing.

8. Please, please, please, PLEASE... do not drink and drive. Even one drink can slightly inhibit you. Lives are more important than your desire to slowly destroy your liver.

9. Your toddler does not need to be running around the car. That's why they make child seats.

10. On the matter of children, please do not cram five 12 year olds into the back of a truck. Or a 8 month pregnant girl in the back of a truck with NO TAILGATE! It's just not safe. True story. I've seen both.

11. Please do not pull from the parking lot/other road into the turning lane when going left. You scare me because I think you're going to hit me. And you almost cause accidents when people turning off the highway can't get into the turn lane.

12. PULL OVER FOR EMERGENCY VEHICLES! Ooooh... this one really makes me mad! It doesn't matter if they are coming from the other direction, you have to pull over if there is no median. Hop a curb, just get out of the way! Their lights are on for a reason!

13. When there is an accident or something on the side of the road, DO NOT go flying past the people standing outside. Slow down. I can't stand it when people fly by and there's children on the side of the road and stuff. They only slow down once the police get there.

14. Learn to park. I HATE it when I find a parking spot but can't fit there because you're taking up 2 spots with your ridiculous parking skills. And don't park so close to me that I have to climb into my passenger side just to get to my driver seat. That's just rude.

15. Really, REALLY? Did you just pass me to slow down and turn? REALLY?

Ok. So now it's YOUR turn. What are your driving pet peeves?


Pedey @ Do You Smell That!!? said...

I have a few, too.

If you're making a right turn & the lane is wide enough, please pull to the right & then turn into the parking lot. There is no reason for you to stay centered in the lane, slow to a nearly complete stop & then execute your turn, making every car behind you also come to a nearly complete stop for your turn. If it's a wide lane, hug the right side of it so we can easily pass you without a big slow down.

We have a lot of cross walks here so this is also a big one for me: IT IS THE LAW that you stay stopped for someone in the crosswalks until they are completely out of the crosswalk - not just past your car. You being stopped is a good sign to other cars that someone is walking. If they see you drive through they might think it's clear & someone is gonna get hit. Just respect the pedestrians - and respect the law, folks. Seriously - it take like 10 seconds.

I appreciate that you remembered to use your blinker - but will you now please turn it off?

Use a car seat for your little ones. Please. And have it installed correctly. You can get it properly installed for free at your local fire/police station.

Your dog does not want to go to Costco. Seriously. Just because you cracked a window doesn't mean they're totally fine sitting in there, with their fur coats, panting on the front seat & barking at me like an attack dog while I'm trying to load my 4 kids into their car seats & put the groceries in the back of the car. Leave the poor thing home.

Courtney said...

@ Pedey

Ha! Love the "appreciate you used your blinker but turn if off now!"

And "your dog does not want to go to costco"... so funny!

Gretchen said...

RED MEANS STOP!!!! I serisouly don't EVER see anyone stoping for red lights here... which makes me wonder why we even have them???

And it's a law in CA... no texting or EVEN HOLDING the phone while driving... so put hte danged thing DOWN!!!!

And for the love of all things holy, your hurry SHOULD NOT endanger my family! If you can't drive safely GET OFF THE ROADS there are KIDS in my car!

Thanks for letting me spew too :)

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