Friday, May 13, 2011

Why, hello Blogger... are you done neglecting me?

How many people were COMPLETELY annoyed by Blogger's absence yesterday?

How am I supposed to stalk read other blogs if I can't even get to the Dashboard?

Yea, I get it... upgrades... blah, blah, blah.

I NEED my blogging fix!

No, no I don't have an addiction!

I can stop anytime I want!
(insert crazy person laugh here)

Yea... which brings me to a list of my Blogger annoyances:

1. Blogger goes down for maintenance when I'd rather procrastinate reading blogs than doing other things (like cleaning, sleeping, work stuff...)

2. It does not work well with Google Chrome. As much as I like that browser, I deleted it because it was not Blogger friendly. Which you'd think it would be... since it's all made by Google... Way to be slackers Google :)

3. Blogger likes to tell me "You are not following anyone" on my Dashboard sometimes... LIAR! I'm definitely following people. And it's frustrating when I have to refresh a billion times to bring my list back up.

Ok so help me add to my list... what are some of YOUR Blogger annoyances?


Keli said...

They deleted all the posts since Wednesday night. UGH!

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