Monday, May 23, 2011

5/23 Meet Me Monday- The 12 Numbers of Courtney

12- the number of formal dances I went to during junior high and high school. 7th grade formal, 8th grade formal. 9th grade homecoming. 10th grade homecoming. 11th grade- my homecoming, boyfriend's homecoming, my prom, boyfriend's prom. 12th grade- my homecoming, boyfriend's homecoming, my prom, boyfriend's prom. AND I had a different dress for each one. Can we say sales rack? The key is to get them AFTER prom season BEFORE your dance. Get them all on sale! The most we ever paid for a dress was $50 and that was for my senior prom.

11- the number of fairly regular babysitters I had growing up. I got my mom to help with this one. Most I remembered, some I didn't. Some were all summer long, some were just every now and then.

10- the number of years I've known how to drive using the pedals. You know, there's always the times when you crawled into your parents lap and they let you steer while they worked the pedals. But I'll never forget when my aunt let me drive her vehicle in a parking lot. I felt so grown up!

9- the number of schools I attended from kindergarten to the finish of college. I attended my first school for K/1st. Second school for 2nd grade. During 2nd grade I was tested for gifted and passed. That meant I needed to be put in accelerated classes. So I moved to a third school for 3rd grade. We moved during my 3rd grade so I spent the last month or so at another elementary school (4th school). 4th-6th was at the middle school (my 5th school). 7th-8th at the Junior high (6th school). 9th-12th at High School (7th school). Freshman year of college (8th school). Changed majors and moved schools to finish out college (9th school).

8-the number of cheerleading competitions I competed in. 8th grade- fair (local) competition, regionals, nationals in San Antonio, another nationals in New Orleans. 10th grade- fair (local). 11th grade- no fair due to hurricane Katrina (the coliseum was turned into a shelter)- instead went to a regionals competition. 12th grade- fair, and regionals (I wasn't supposed to go because of a foot injury but a girl got in a bad accident and I went to fill in).

7- the number of "real" jobs I've had before becoming a nurse. Not including short term or babysitting. I worked cleaning offices and stuff during the 11th grade. I had to quit that because it was in a bad part of town and it wasn't good when it got dark earlier. Plus it was easier to focus on school without a job. After I graduated, I worked that summer in a frozen yogurt/deli place. At college, I first worked as a ticket writer. Then I found out I didn't like confrontation. Then I was an RA. Then after I moved back home, I worked at a pool store, testing water and sales stuff. Then, I worked at a tanning salon. Also took on a part time job at a house/apartment rental place. Then quit the tanning salon because I got hardly any hours. Then later quit the rental place when school got too tough.

6- the number of cell phones I've had. #1- got it for my 15th birthday. I had just made cheerleading and I needed to be able to call parents after practices and stuff. I was super excited. I thought it was the coolest thing ever. It was just an Erikson. Before Sony. It was black and white, candybar style with a 1 inch antenna. It had 4 things in the menu. Text messaging (which I did not have and cost a billion back then), Settings, Contacts, and some other pointless thing. No games. It didn't even tell me the time. But hey, it was a phone! #2- my parents friend gave me their old motorola flip phone. Still B&W but oooh it was a red case! And it did tell me the time and stuff. Even had games like blackjack! #3- one of my favorites. A Nokia phone. It was blue and it had.... wait for it... a color screen! WHAT? I know, high-roller now. It was tiny and rectangular. No antenna. So cool. #4- Motorola Razr. Yes, I went with the crowd and got one of these. Like a year after everyone else but still. Hey, it had a CAMERA on it! Exciting right? Had that during my senior year and freshman year of college. #5- an older Blackberry. No camera but it did so much more! And I had had texting for a bit now so it was much easier. #6- we switched to AT&T so I got an iPhone! This was about a year and a half ago. And I LOVE it still! I can upgrade pretty soon though. Haven't decided what I want to do.

5- the number of surgeries I've had. All of them were under anesthesia except one. When I was 12, I had what we thought was a cyst removed from my knee. Turned out to be a calcium build up. Age 13- had a broken nose fixed. Age 15, had my wisdom teeth removed (without anesthesia I might add- let's just say me and the laughing gas were best friends that day!). Age 16- had my tonsils and adenoids removed. Blech. Worst surgery ever. Best decision. I never get strep throat anymore. Age 19- had my nose repaired after an old rebreak injury.

4- the number of casts I've had. 1st one when I broke my arm at the age of 6. 2nd one when I broke my nose in the 8th grade. Yes, I had a cast on my nose. How humiliating. 3rd one when I broke my arm again in the 9th grade. And then one during college when I messed up my foot and we couldn't get the boot to fit right.

3- the number of dogs at our house right now. Meeko, a black miniature poodle. Tigger, an apricot miniature poodle. And Duke, my brother's MASSIVE black lab puppy. 7 months old and like 70 pounds.

2- the number of times I've been to Disney World. Once in the 8th grade. And I had dislocated my kneecap so I had to ride in a wheelchair. Couldn't walk for very long on it and certainly couldn't use crutches all over Disney World. Oh darn. Guess we'll have to go to the front of the lines :) And then again a few summers ago.

1- the number of guys who hold my heart. Only 1. Aww. I texted my boyfriend and told him I was going to put this as the number 1. He texted me back with "eww yuck". I text back "what?" And he said, "I dunno, I was being immature." Yep, my oh-so-romantic boyfriend. How sweet, huh? Yea, I kinda like him :)

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aww I like number one. lol Sounds like something my husband would say. I've only had 1 surgery. It was my tonsils. I still get tons of sore throats, I've even had strep a few times. I sadly don't see a difference. :( I've never had a cast, though I had a broken bone, it was my cheek bone. Weirdly enough it still sometimes hurts and it's been 3-5 years ago since it happened. We have no dogs, only a cat & gerbil. :)

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