Saturday, April 2, 2011

How to Use the Print Screen Button

Ever find yourself taking photos of your computer screen, then uploading the photos to your computer, then editing so that you can show something on your screen on your blog or something? There's no need for that anymore!

If you've never used the print screen button, I'm about to share with you a great computer-geek trick :)

The print screen button allows you to capture a "snapshot" of what's on your computer monitor at the time. It stores it the same way you would COPY an image and so all you have to do is go into a program (Paint, Photoshop, etc) and PASTE (right-click then paste or just Ctrl-V). This is what a screen shot looks like:

So how do you use the Print Screen button?

On regular keyboards (non-laptop) you simply press the Print Screen button (may look like Prt Sc or something like that). It can usually be found in the top right part of your keyboard. To use it, simply press that button. Just that button. Nothing else. It is now copied. Just paste and do what you want :)

Please excuse the HORRIBLE dusty keyboard. It's the desktop that never gets used since we all have laptops. Poor thing... So neglected. Ever think all the neglected desktop computers are going to join together and have a revolution against the laptops? .... Um, ok, apparently it's time for me to go to bed. I'm rambling about nothingness!

On laptops, there are two buttons you will probably have to press. The 2 keys involved are the Function key [fn]- press and hold this first:

and the Print Screen button [prt sc]- press this second and release. Again, it copies and then you just paste.

Once pasting, you can crop the photo or do whatever you want. This is really nice when you do giveaways or whatever and need a screen shot of the random number or the winning comment.

I was reviewing all the info with my dad (aka my uber computer whiz I go to when I need to ask techy questions) and he told me about another useful function of the print screen. You can also press Alt and it will take a screen shot of JUST the active window (aka the window you currently have selected). So compare the full screen shot above to this one:

See how there's no start menu windows logo, time, etc? It also works with smaller windows like this:

No cropping necessary :)

So for the regular keyboards: Hold ALT then press Prt Sc.

For laptops: Hold ALT and Function then press Prt Screen.

So there's just a quick time saver computer tip for you guys. I hope you guys can find it useful!


Ashleigh said...

Amazing. lol I learn so much from this part of your blog!

Jennifer said...

Hi, I found you on the Mom Blog Monday hop and now I'm following! I've always wondered about that function but have not ever been able to get mine to work...

Christina said...

Hey...thanks for this!! I just tried it...and I had no idea it was that easy!!

Hope you're doing well :)

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