Wednesday, March 30, 2011

No Bake Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies & 3/30 What's Cooking Wednesday

I TOTALLY meant to post this up last week but I worked last Wednesday and was just too plain tired to do much of anything! But it's here now :)

I've been making these cookies since I could reach the stove. They're super easy to make and OH-SO-DELICIOUS!

The best recipe I've found for them is in an old cook book my mom has. One of those she has deemed to stay with her once I move out. Here's the recipe:

Sugar, milk, and cocoa powder. After I realized we had no cocoa powder and I had to make a quick trip to Dollar General.

Bring to a boil for one minute. Trust me. This is MUY IMPORTANTE! I tried to rush another batch later in the week and didn't boil long enough. They came out SUPER grainy from the sugar. Disgusting. I threw the whole batch out.

Add the peanut butter. I mixed until smooth then added the oatmeal.

Stir until mixed.

Drop onto waxed paper.

Mmmm... so yummy!

Try to resist eating them before they've cooled or you end up scraping it off the paper. Oh well. Totally worth it. SO DELICIOUS!

Enjoy :)

Now for a few of 2 weeks ago's favorites!

Check out this Slow Cooker Curried Chicken over at Mostly Food and Crafts.... Mmmm!

This Hot Hamburger Plate meal over at Small Town Life has got my mouth watering!

There's nothing like good ole' Chocolate Chip Cookies like these over at Reenie Jae Creations :)

Now.... It's time to see what you've been cooking up!

Add as many recipes as you'd like! Look for featured ones next week too! Your recipe could be a favorite!

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kayla said...

Thanks for the feature Courtney!!

kayla said...

Oh and those are some of my favorite kinds of cookies!! Love those things!

Kelly H. said...

I just love those no bakes! I remember my mom making those with me when I was little :)

Brycie Jean said...

Yeah! Them's my YUMMY cookies! Thanks for the Feature!


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