Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Frustrated with Pharmacies

Well, really, I'm just frustrated with one pharmacy around here. And that's CVS.

Ok. Warning time. This is a "Courtney needs to vent" post.

We've had our prescriptions at CVS for a long time now. And lately, within the past year or so, service has gotten really poor.

Mostly with my one medication I get. That I have been filling there for about 8 months or so. It's an injection I get once a week. It comes in 2 forms, a regular syringe or a "pen" where all you have to do is push a button (kind of like an epi pen). I prefer the pen because I don't like having to see the needle. I know, I know I'm a nurse. I don't have a problem sticking other people. I have a problem sticking myself. And it takes a lot of building up the courage to push the button to give my medication.

Anyways, last Tuesday I went to drop off my prescription. I also had a new discount card. No big deal. It just gets me my meds for a lower price. They already have my insurance on file. I specifically told them, "I will be back on Thursday to pick this up". I even saw the girl write it down. They kept the discount card and said I'd get it back when I picked my meds up.

Fast forward to Thursday. I go through the drive through, give them my last name, and even tell them to look in the fridge (that's where my meds are kept)- you can tell I've been through the whole "we can't find your meds" routine before.

"Oh, I'm sorry ma'am. We don't have anything for you."
"But I dropped it off Tuesday, told them I'd be back Thursday, they have my discount card, and we're still on my previous prescription refill. I shouldn't have any problem."
"There was a problem. Could you drive back around and we'll get it for you?"
"No. I'll just come inside."

Turns out, my doctor didn't write the dosage. Might I repeat, I'm still on my earlier refills. Shouldn't be initiating my new set of refills yet. But anyways, they had to look up my old dosage. That takes like a minute. Um, couldn't they have done that BEFORE I got there? It didn't take any calling of my doctor or anything. So why did you NOT fix the problem when you noticed it? I get the same medicine, the same type, every time I come. So I had to sit there for 20 minutes while they filled my prescription.

Fast forward to last night. I go to give myself my meds. Open the box, OH LOOK. They gave me the syringes. That I have specifically told them I DO NOT WANT. My doctor even writes my prescription for the pen. Really, CVS? REALLY? Couldn't that be considered a medication error? Because you're giving me something OTHER than what I've been prescribed. Because I was DEFINITELY prescribed the pen.

And that's the last straw. Because they've done this before. My meds don't get filled. They've LOST my prescription before. Didn't call to tell my about that. I find out when I show up to get it filled. Actually, they told me they never got the prescription. Yea, because I didn't drop it off a WEEK before. I had to call my doctor to have them fax over the copy. Then they found the original. After accusing me that I'd never dropped it off. They give me the wrong type. It's never ready. It's just SO FRUSTRATING.

They do it with any "called in" medicine too. It's never ready. Or "we never got anything from your doctor". Um, yea, doctor's office SPECIFICALLY said they called/faxed it in. We don't have any problems with our mail medicine. And I SO wish I could do by mail meds, but it doesn't qualify. I'm just so mad with them.

And I'm through with CVS. My mom is looking into other pharmacies I can use with our insurance. Once she finds one, I'm going up there, with the wrong type, telling them I want the kind I use (since they've already run it through insurance and stuff), and I want my prescription transferred somewhere else. They have lost my business. I've tried to be patient, so has my mom, but this is getting ridiculous.

UPDATE: Since I've tried to talk to the pharmacists and people at the store, and nothing ever seems to get fixed, my boyfriend suggested I call up to the top dogs. I called the corporate line and spoke to someone about what has happened. They are getting in touch with the district supervisor to work on this issue. Hopefully we can get this resolved. Because I'm guessing it's not just me having the issues. We'll see, I guess. Now I'm riding the fence about wanting to switch because I don't want this to be a huge hassle. But we'll just see.

Has anyone else had poor service with pharmacies?

Any suggestions on good pharmacies?

Do "local" pharmacies tend to be better than larger chains (Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, etc)?


Jennifer @lifecraftsandwhatever said...

My mom has had really good service from Tom Thumb (a grocery store). I use Walgreens and I'm happy with them. I won't use Walmart's pharmacy unless hell froze over. I hate them. Super long lines, no customer service. The last time we used Walmart (my mom's insurance changed so she has to use them), she dropped off her prescription on Tuesday and told them that she'd be back on Friday. Then on Friday we go and guess what? Not filled. And apparently that doesn't mean that they do it right then. Nope. "Go ahead and do your shopping and come back in half an hour." Then we come back in 45 minutes, and still no prescription. They tell us to come back in twenty. I start to raise hell, and then the manager comes over and says we'll have it in 5 minutes. Ugh, hate them.

Michelle said...

I have used Rite Aid for about a million years for my very basic birth control prescription and have never had a problem. However, my husband takes a bunch of pain meds that most pharmacies don't keep on hand. We switched his to a local pharmacy and love it! They know us all by name (even his mom who lives in another state) and always have the medicine he needs. If they had a drive thru, I'd switch mine there, too.

Amanda said...

I can't recommend any good one's being over in the UK!! But I know how frustrating it is when they mess you about, I've been getting meds for myself and one of my kids for over a year and they rarely get it right. One time they gave the wrong doseage for my child, if we hadn't noticed the increase would have killed him, and this other guy just asks you all about your condition in front of everybody in the store, like you want that information out there for everyone to hear! Hmmm not being very helpful am I? Anyway, your doing the right thing by taking the matter further, hope it all works out for you

Shaiha said...

I have to admit that CVS mail order is the only pharmacy that I have ever had issues with. They also continually sent me the wrong dosages for my meds. I wouldn't recommend them to my worst enemy.

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