Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Adding a Photo Signature with Photoshop Actions

Ever wondered a quick and easy way to get a signature on your photos? Well look no further! I've got your solution right here :)

Actions on Photoshop. Greatest. Timesaver. Ever. So what exactly is an action? Basically, it's a set of steps that tell your Photoshop to take. You can make your own or download them. I've downloaded some great ones for editing photos. And I've created some of my own. Like ones that add a signature. And ones that save my photos in a certain spot with certain settings. I've even got one that plays a photo edit action, then adds the signature, then saves it. All with a click of a button.

First things first... how do you get to the actions section? It looks like a little play button in your sidebar section. Just click that and it opens up the actions section. If you can't see it, up on the menu bar at the top choose Window>Actions.

Now what do all those buttons at the bottom mean?? The square is to stop recording. The circle is to start recording (will turn red when you are recording). The triangle is to play or initiate the action. The folder allows you to create a new set. You can create many actions within one set. The button that looks like a post-it note allows you to create an action. And finally, the trashcan allows you to delete a set, action, or step.

So first, create a new set. Name it whatever you want.

Once you hit ok, you should see your set folder. Now it's time to create a new action. So click that button and name it. Now click Record. From this point on, only do what you want it to record. It will record every step you take. You can hit stop if you need to do something you don't want recorded and then hit record when you're ready to resume.

It's hard to see, but notice how the record button is red now. Ok, now you want to hit the T on your left sidebar to create a text box. Adjust your font, size, and color at the top. Draw a box anywhere in the photo and type whatever you want it to say. I use my blog address.

Now comes the slightly tricky part. You need to "rasterize" the text layer so that you can do whatever you want with it. It's kinda confusing. Just know you need to do it. So in your menu bar at the top, click Layer>Rasterize>Type.

Now select all. You can do this by choosing Select>All. Or you can just hit Ctrl+A.

You'll need to decide if you want your signature at the top or bottom. Then click Layer>Align Layers to Selection>Top Edges/Bottom Edges (depending on your preference).

Now decide if you want it to the left or right. Again, click Layer>Align Layers to Selection>Left Edges/Right Edges (depending on your preference).

Deselect everything by choosing Select>Deselect or Ctrl+D.

Now you may want to move the text box away from the edges some. If so, choose the Move tool on the left toolbar (looks like an arrow and a directional arrows thing). Choose your text layer and move it using your arrow keys to the desired space from the edges.

Now that you have everything done, you can hit stop. And you're good to go! Use anytime you want to add a signature. Instant signature with a click of a mouse.

Hopefully I explained that well enough. I tried to make it simple, yet effective. Let me know if you have any questions and I'll do my best to answer them!


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jbr said...

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! My hubby just got photoshop for his birthday and I have been trying to figure out a faster way to put a signature on my pictures. Thanks for the tip.

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