Monday, March 7, 2011

3/7 Meet Me Monday- 5 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Me

I haven't done a Meet Me Monday in a while so I thought I'd share 5 quick things you probably didn't know about me. Get to know me a little more :)

1. I put my Kindle in a Ziploc bag so I can read in the bathtub. People find this really strange. But I LOVE to read. Especially when I'm taking a bath. And I don't want to accidentally drop it in the water so I put it in a freezer Ziploc bag to keep it waterproof. I've never dropped it to test if it'll work, but in theory it should keep my Kindle safe.

2. I can wiggle my ears. Seriously. I don't know where I learned it, but it's pretty effortless. I think it's a neato trick :)

3. I can do the worm. Like on the ground, breakdance-ish style, roll my body head to toe across the floor. Some people call it the dolphin. It's hard to explain, but it's a fun trick. It kinda hurts on hard floors. And I roll backwards. Most people roll forward when they can do this. I learned from my next-door neighbor when we were kids. Been wormin' around ever since. I did it at my college freshman orientation dance off. I came in 2nd place.

4. I snuck out of my house one time. But I don't think it really counts. I was younger, maybe 15 or so. I had never snuck out and just wanted to be able to say I had. So I climbed out my window, ran to the fence between my yard and my neighbors yard (it's one of those privacy fences with every other slat covered and then opposite on the other side). I climbed the fence, sat on top for a few minutes, then climbed back down and ran back to my window. This was the tricky part because my window is off the ground a good bit. I had to jump up and hold my weight in my hands, then swing my body in.

5. I have REALLY big, flat feet. Most of my shoes are size 11. My tennis shoes are 12. I can sometimes squeeze into a 10, but that's rare. And I'm EXTREMELY flat footed. So bad, that when I went to a foot doctor one time, he called over other doctors to look at my feet and watch me walk.

all photos compliments of google photo search :)

So how about you? What are 5 things some people might not know about YOU?


DWYHomemaking said...

Love the Kindle idea lol!

I have a birthmark that is seriously shaped like a ice cream cone with ice cream in it!

I HATE mice! We sometimes have a mouse in the basement (where the laundry room is)and I freak! One time I was doing laundry and my little girl ran over to me because a mouse was right by her. I picked her up, ran upstairs and locked the door (for some reason I thought locking the door would help) LOL

kayla said...

I have really big flat feet also (size 9)!! Like they kind of look like that picture! My best guy friend in highschool told me I had duck feet and all that I was missing was the webbed toes...I HATE MY FEET!

Sara said...

HA! sneaking out of the house that was me. I'm not sure how I came across your blog but I am your newest follower and will be linking up on Wednesdays for sure.

Hope you will follow me back at

Lisa said...

haha! I love that you put your kindle in a baggie to read in the tub! I used to only bring library books with me in the bath so if they got wet, I didn't care!

Something weird about me is that my fingers and toes turn gray/purple when I'm cold, but I sweat at the same time. That's crazy circulation for ya!

Heather said...

Ummm, I've been run over by a car, sat on a bee, I don't know how to whistle... lol I can't think of anything else right now & I know those are really boring! :) I'm Heather, your newest follower ~ nice to "meet" you! I found your blog thru the Moms Review 4 You blog hop. Looking forward to trying your recipes & crafts! I loved the band-aid box gift bag :)

Would love it if you'd like to follow me too!

Have a blessed day!

Heather @ Catfish Kisses

Confessions of a Paper-Crafts Chick said...

I like the "Kindle in the bag" idea. LoL! It's funny, but very clever. :o)

Katie said...

You know the Kindle in a baggie thing makes me think....someone SHOULD work on that don't you think?! Maybe I can make a water proof pocket for you. hmmmm......

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