Friday, February 18, 2011

It's OVER!

Yes, it has finally happened.

My NCLEX (nursing boards exam) is over.
Took it this morning.

Worst. Test. EVER.

I swear, I felt SO incompetent.
I don't know how many times I thought to myself,
"Is that even a real disease/real side effect/real word???"

Oh, and no pressure or anything...
But if you don't pass, you can't work until you do pass.
But again, NO PRESSURE.

And I got a TON of "Select All That Apply".
Really? They ALL look right to me!
But they can't be all right?
Or can they?

Here's kind of how the test goes...
You start at basic questions.
If you get it right, you move to a harder question.
You keep moving up until you get one wrong.
Then it brings you down a difficulty.
It keeps doing this and you eventually get a right-wrong pattern.
You get a minimum of 75 questions.
At that point the computer analyzes your pattern and compares it to standard.
If you're well above the minimum competency, it shuts off and you pass.
If you're well below the min. competency, it shuts off and you fail.
If it's too close to call, it keeps giving you more questions until it can determine.
You can get a max of 285 questions.
You have 6 hours.

I shut off at 75.
35 minutes into the test.
"What??? I can't be done yet?? It's been 75 already?????"
No one else was even near finished.
So basically I either did well enough to pass.
Or bad enough to fail.
And I felt horrible about that test.

So I gathered my things and walked out the door.
I didn't even cry.
Even though I really wanted to.

The bad thing is I can't see my official score until next week.
If I pay $10 or so.

But SUPPOSEDLY, there's this trick.
The Pearson Vue Trick (PVT).
You try to reregister for the exam.
If it lets you get to the screen where you input credit card info...
You failed.
If it pops up and tells you you've previously registered, contact Member board...
You passed!

I tried immediately after and it wasn't processed yet so it didn't do anything.
I tried a few hours later.
I got the pop up screen.
I've tried it again like 5 times.
Pop up every time.
I REALLY hope this trick thing is right.
Because if so, I PASSED!

I'm not going to celebrate yet though.
I need official results to put my mind at ease.

Can I self diagnose myself now?
Because I definitely had a bad case of tachycardia the entire time.
(For those non-med people out there- tachycardia = fast heart rate)

Knowledge deficit related to too much information, too little time.
Social Isolation related to too much studying.
Fatigue related to too little sleep.
Severe anxiety related to

I'm glad it's over.
And hopefully I passed so I don't have to go through that again.

In other news...
(in my best news anchor voice)

I got preapproved for a home loan this week!
Which is really exciting!
I'm only 21 so I have little credit history.
I do have good credit, just not a lot.
And I have NO bills so that's not always good for loans.
But they checked it out and approved me :)

I've got my eye on a home that's across the street and 2 houses down.
The owners foreclosed and moved out a while ago.
My cousin (a realtor) is working to help me get it.
It would be SO nice!
Fingers crossed!

And then someone can get me one of these SUPER CUTE Welcome Wall Hangings over at Stuck on a Cloud!



Kris @ said...

Congrats on the home loan!!! I am sure you passed, i know the waiting is the hardest part!!! I had to take 6 test to become a teacher and had to wait over a month for my results every time so i know how agonizing it is! i can't wait to hear the great news!!

Rachel R. said...

Congrats on taking the NCLEX! Mine shut off at 75 questions too and I passed. I'm not joking, almost all of my medication questions were about Viagra and Cialis.

Your nursing diagnoses made me smile because I haven't used those since nursing school :) Do you have a job lined up yet?

Days at Buttermilk Cottage said...

What a day you've had!!! Test sounds SO stressful--good thing you're young! I'm sure you passed, but I won't say congradulations until you give the all clear. Good luck with the house--what a celebration gift for you!

Laura at Ms. Smartie Pants said...

Courtney what an exciting day! A friend of mine just went thru the same process and had the machine shut off at 75 he was so nervous to, all that work and what if he didn't pass. He is married and has a family and was so worried what that would mean for them but, he passed and I bet you did too! And a new house! Think of all the projects you can blog about. Can't wait to officially hear your results!

Foundinthe-ALI said...

I'm sure you are so super smart that you just passed super quick. :)

congrats on getting approved for a home! I'm so jealous! Over here in CA theres no way I'll afford a home around here for another 10 years at least :P

Good luck with it all!

Shayna said...

Love the cute wall hangings, I am a new friday follower. I just started my own diy blog and would love for you to check it out! Thanks and good luck!

sweetk said...

Congrats on the NCLEX! Did you use any sort of studying program like Kaplan to prepare for it? I'm in nursing school now.

Manuela said...

I have my fingers crossed for you!!!! One hand is for the exam and the other one for the new home!!!!! :-))))) said...

Can't wait for the post titled "I Passed." Congrats! And, a house! Way to go! laura

DebbieM said...

Loved this post - and it does sound like you passed. I've always wanted to be a nurse but never took that plunge. I feel like I'm too old now to do it. Best wishes.

That One Girl said...

My sister is a nurse... hers shut off at 75... she's been a nurse for about 4 years!
Congrats on the pre-approval!! When we were looking to buy a house and we got pre-approved it was like the happiest day of my life! We had a lot of restrictions because we were using Sams VA loan.

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