Thursday, February 10, 2011

Happy Stinkin' Valentine's Day :)

So el boyfriend and I quit the whole Valentine's thing years ago. It's so close to Christmas (and his birthday) that we never have anything we want and we're still trying to put away the Christmas candy. But I told him I'd make him a Valentine's day card. It was originally going to say Happy Freakin' Valentine's Day, but I found this to be funnier :)

I found a picture of Pepe le Pue (or however you spell that) and printed it out. Then printed out the words, cut it into the shape of a heart and rubbed the edges on an ink pad. Then I used those raised sticker things to attach them. I also had these little candy hearts stamps that I covered the page with. I wish I would have stamped first so it didn't look so cluttered. Oh well... it's a gag card anyways :)

I gave it to him today. He is so enthusiastic. Can you hear my sarcasm? It's ok though.

Ok so I basically stink at making cards... but good news is that Tiffany over at Stuck on a Cloud has some SUPER CUTE cards for us *ahem* not so skilled people :) Check a few of them out!

So be sure to head on over to Stuck on a Cloud and drool a little over her AMAZING creations!


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