Monday, February 14, 2011

2/14 Meet Me Monday- The Best Valentine's I Ever Had

The best Valentine's day I ever had was the first Valentine's day el boyfriend and I celebrated- in 2005. He was barely 16, I was 15 (about to be 16). He wasn't allowed to drive into the next town yet (where all our restaurants are) and he wasn't allowed to drive with me in the car yet either. So my mom drove us :)

First we went to see the movie Hitch. Then we went to eat at a local Mexican restaurant. My poor mom, she just had to drive around town until we were finished with each thing. So I gave him his gift (a basket full of Dr. Peppers and candy) at the restaurant and he said he would give me my gift later.

So we get back to my house where we were going to watch a movie. I had been in a skirt so I walked back to my room to change clothes... where I saw this:

Balloons. Everywhere.

On my bed was a heart pillow, a chocolate rose, and candy.

I was ecstatic! Skyler (the boyfriend) had gotten some friends and my dad and brother enlisted to blow up all those balloons and fill my room. It was the greatest gift I've ever gotten. Oh and did I mention the homemade card he got someone to help him make? It was the cutest thing ever. Considering he has no artistic ability or penmanship for that matter.

The balloons stayed in my room for about a week before I had to just pop them all. I was kicking them around everywhere I went.

I look so YOUNG in this photo! And my room is definitely not blue anymore. It's brown. And I have hardwood floor not carpet. And a new dresser. And desk. And bookshelf. And bedspread. Oh how things change!

So there's my story of the best Valentine's day I ever had.

So what's the best Valentine's gift YOU ever got?


Cathy Kennedy said...

How precious! My best Valentine's Day is any Valentine's Day I can spend with my sweetheart. That's corny, I know, but it's true. I've been able to enjoy all, but 1 of the 32 Valentine's Day with my husband. He fails not to remember to get me one single red rose every Valentine's Day. He's really precious to me.

Cute post, Courtney. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Hope y'all will come visit my blog!

Becky said...


I actually got married the day AFTER Valentines day, so I have to say, that was my best. We also got pregnant on our wedding night so it was double cool ;)

nic said...

haha! so cute.

Sunshine said...

That is a beautiful cute story :) I too shared my first valentine with my husband , who was then my BF in my most recent post :)

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