Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dreaming of Helicopters...

So a helicopter just flew over my house and it reminded me of a dream I had last week.

I had a dream I flew up in a helicopter with an uncle of mine and a few random other people. We were in the sky over my house when it malfunctioned and we fell out. But we all had parachutes and landed in the bushes between my yard and my neighbors yard. I had time to look around at everything before I woke up.

Weird thing is... when I woke up, I heard a helicopter outside. But it was still that semi-coma mode when you first wake up. I fell back asleep for a few minutes and then really woke up. I went in the living room to tell my dad about the dream and ask him if a helicopter really did go over our house. Which it DID.

So here's where my curiosity sparks... A helicopter flies over our house for maybe 5 to 10 seconds. My dream felt like it lasted a LOT longer than that. At least 10 minutes. I'm assuming that I subconsciously heard the helicopter and that sparked the dream. Because I doubt that I coincidentally dreamed about a helicopter right as one flew over the house. Like really, why would I dream about a helicopter? It's the most random thing. So with my theory, dreams must happen in really super mode sometimes. Like a whole "scene" can play out in a matter of seconds.

Have you ever had any weird dreams where you woke up and it was sparked by something in your environment?


Debra Worth said...

I had this dream part of it was from the fact that my son had carrots as part of his dinner. http://debraworth.blogspot.com/2010/04/strange-dream.html

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