Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Best Steak Fries... EVER & 1/19 What's Cooking Wednesday

So my mom has been making these steak fries, like, forever! And I LOVE them. I try to make them, but she just has that special touch or something because her's always come out AWESOME. I'm still working on perfecting mine. Anyways, mommy dearest allowed me to snap some photos while she cooked so I can share with you guys :)

First, peel some potatoes and slice them into long chunks.

Then, toss them into fully heated vegetable oil. We don't use a temp... just heat on high on the stove then adjust as needed, although 350 is probably good or so. You want to fill up the pan so they cook close.

Once the potatoes start getting cooked on the inside, start smashing down on them. Basically, cutting into them with a spoon, spatula, something. Here's how they look "smushed"... this creates that crispy part we all LOVE :)

Cook until golden brown, remove to paper towels to drain, salt, and enjoy!

Oh, a little story for you guys... I went to start up the grill for the burgers. I turned the knobs to high. One knob was turning funny but I didn't think anything. I start hitting the starter button, but it won't catch flame. I figured it was because it had been raining the past few days. I kind of smelled butane, but figured it was because it was taking so long to start. Well I hold down the starter button for a second and then all of a sudden.... WHOOOOOOSH!!! Yep, I got flamed. The entire grill goes up in a huge flame for a second, all the way to my face. I scream, drop the lid, then back up to the house. It didn't really hurt, just a little warm, but it scared the living daylights out of me. Mom runs outside to check on me and has me go back inside. I took a few breaths to settle myself, then rush my hands to my face going, "Mom, do I still have my eyebrows???" "Half gone," she says. I feel my face... they're still there. Not funny mom, not funny. So there's my scare for the week. Or month. Let's just say year ok?

So now for a few of last week's favorites... It was so hard to choose! There were so many great recipes shared last week! So these are just a few great ones... be sure to head HERE to see more!

Kimberly, over at Bugaboo, Mini Mr. & Me, shared 2 recipes for Chicken & Black Bean Enchiladas and Churros! Black beans are my FAVORITE type of beans so I really think I'll have to try this out! Plus, I've never tried to make my own churros so that would be fun :)

Chelsie, from Simply Seeking Life, lists several recipes for using apples. The one that caught my eye? Broiled Cheddar Apple Sandwich! Apples and cheese... it sounds different, but in a good way! Because, I like apples and I like cheese :)

Jamielyn, at I {heart} Naptime, has a YUMMY looking recipe for Chicken Tortilla Soup! It would be SO perfect with this cold winter weather. Mmmm... would be really nice right now, actually. Someone want to come cook this for me? Like now?

Alright, now it's time to see what you've been cooking up!

Add as many recipes as you'd like! Look for featured ones next week too! Yours could be a favorite!

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Emily @ LaForce Be With You said...

Mine is an older post but since you did fries, I just had to link up mine too!

Kimberly said...

mmmm, those fries look tasty! Thanks for the feature!!

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