Thursday, September 30, 2010

Southern Fried Chicken Strips

Ok, so for those of you who don't know... I live in the good ole' state of Louisiana. Home of the best foods in the world :)

Anyways, I wanted to share a recipe with you guys for southern style fried chicken strips.

Disclaimer: This is NOT a healthy recipe ;)

First heat up some oil in a skillet. Just about 1/2 inch or so...

In one bowl mix together an egg and some milk.

In another bowl add flour and seasonings you like. I added salt, pepper, Tony's Cajun Seasoning, Season-All, and garlic powder. I love seasonings!

Dip your defrosted chicken strips in the egg mixture.

Then add them to the flour mixture and coat well.

You can go ahead and cook them now, but there won't be as thick of a crust. I like add another layer of batter for extra yummy goodness :) So add the coated chicken back to the egg mixture...

And then back to the flour, coating well again.

Now add your chicken to your hot oil. Make sure it's not too hot because you don't want your chicken to cook too fast on the outside and not enough on the inside. Adjust the heat accordingly.

Let it cook until it's nice and brown and cooked through... see how golden and delicious?

Serve hot and enjoy! I like to make mine with mashed potatoes so I can dip my chicken strips in the potatoes. Weird? Oh well!

These were so good! Crispy crust with a juicy center. I made my super spicy with the cajun seasoning but it balanced well with the potatoes.

How do you make chicken strips?

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

One Man's Junk... another man's treasure. At least, that's the case for some of the finds my mom and I have found at garage sales lately.

Here's a few "junk" items that have gotten their facelift lately...

The first thing is a storage ottoman my mom found at a garage sale. It was solid black, and the faux leather was torn and aged.

The inside was filled with cobwebs and junk. The picture doesn't do it justice...

My mom knew what fabric she wanted to use. The only problem was it wasn't wide enough to cover the whole top. So I found some maroon fabric that matched and sewed that in the center of the top design. This gave the fabric my mom chose that few more inches of wiggle room to stretch across the top of the ottoman. I also had to disassemble the top from the bottom to do all of this. I was sweating like crazy when I finally got done. So here's the finished product...

Much better! And it's great for storing our HUGE collection of blankets and stuff. (I only tossed it one for a picture).

Another junk to treasure is this mail organizer thing we got at a garage sale about a month ago. It was that boring ugly bright wood color lots of things come in. I don't have a before picture :(

Anyways, I sanded the whole thing, painted it white, then distressed it some with sandpaper. I removed the corkboard and covered it in the same maroon fabric I used on the ottoman. I used scraps from the main design of the ottoman and made some push pins. Here it is...

Some of you may be wondering what I did with those GORGEOUS window frames I found a few weeks ago...

You may even be thinking, "Hey Courtney, whatdya do with those GORGEOUS window frames you found a few weeks ago?"

Well, I will tell... no, I will SHOW you :)

It looks really pretty over my bed and brightens things up!

I want to apologize and apologize in advance for my lack of posting. I was on a roll in the summer time, but school requires more time from me now so I have a lot less time for crafting and such. But hang in there with me. I'll do the best I can.

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Have a great week!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

9/26 Spotlight Sunday and BLOG HOP

Today I'm featuring Coppin's Gifts... a fantastic online store with some really great stuff!

I'm going to let Brenda tell you a little bit more about their business...

Coppin's Hallmark started in 1993 with a brick and mortar store in Logan, Utah. Coppin's then established an online presence in 1996. Between the physical store and the website, Coppin's Gifts has become one of the largest volume independent gift retailers in Utah, across the western US, and all over the country.

Coppin's Gifts has won awards and top dealership status with many of the best gift brands out there. That includes Precious Moments, Boyd's Bears, Willow Tree, and Webkinz.

At Coppin's Gifts, they strive for 100% satisfaction. Every time you shop, you can experience service guarantees on shipping, quality, and satisfaction. You can rest assured that you will be happy with your order, and that it will be fulfilled quickly and accurately.

Over the years, Coppin's Gifts has added six other brick and mortar locations in Brigham City, Harrisville, Layton, Murray, and American Fork, Utah; as well as Chubbuck, Idaho. But you can get the same great service at!

Coppin's Hallmark is continuously adding new and exciting products, so make sure you check back regularly.

Check out some of my favorite things I've found on their website:

I absolutely LOVE the Willow Tree figurines! We have a few in our house and I just love the hand carved look of them. They have SO many different figurines to choose from too! Check those out HERE.

They also carry the Growing Up Girls figurines. My boyfriend's little sister has these. Every year she gets a new one to add to her collection. They make a great gift to give each year to symbolize growing up and getting another year older. They range from newborn all the way to 16 years old. You can also get a new graduate figurine! And they have 2 collections for blonde haired girls and brunettes. Be sure to check those out HERE! A great gift for little girls!

A really interesting collection I found are the DaVinci Beads. I have heard of them, but really got to see a BROAD collection of them. They are similar to the Pandora Beads, but a WAY better price! I am SO in LOVE with the birthstone collections. I want, like, every one of them... even if I wasn't born in that month. The colors are PHENOMENAL! View the collection HERE. Oh, and in case you were wondering, my birthstone is the Emerald... yay for MAY birthdays!

They also have some great gifts for children... They have these adorable blankets and pillows called My Pillow Pets. They name says it all! Plush animals that are great to cuddle and serve as a pillow (or blanket). See the full collection HERE. Check out this adorable monkey blanket!

And don't forget the matching pillow!

There are SO MANY great gifts! It would take FOREVER to list all of the wonderful stuff they have to offer! Be sure to check out their store:


Also, they've recently launched their new blog! Check it out HERE!

Head on over and show them some LOVE!


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Have a great week everyone!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Onion Soup Chicken

I made this a few weeks ago, but just got around to posting it. I normally make this with pork chops but it tastes REALLY good as chicken too! I based this off of a recipe I found HERE. I basically follow it with exception for a few minor changes.

Onion Soup Chicken

First, take some chicken breast tenderloins and bread them in onion soup mix. I think I used 2 packets for 8 pieces of chicken. It's all up to your taste. You may can stretch one packet further. You gotta love onion soup mix... no seasoning.... it's all done for you!

Anyways, I placed the chicken in a large skillet with enough heated vegetable oil to cover the bottom of the skillet.

Cook them until they were just done. You don't want to overcook them. It's even ok to undercook them a little because they'll get to cook a little more later.

Remove the chicken to a side plate. Add a sliced onion to the skillet. You want the crispy pieces from the chicken still in the pan.

Cook until soft.

Add 3/4 cup of white wine. (Or you can double it if you want LOTS of sauce!) Cut the heat up to high so it'll boil.

Add 1/2 cup of milk. Then add salt, pepper, and garlic salt to taste. Add a few tablespoons of flour to thicken the sauce.

After it cooks down some and gets nice and yummy looking! See, nice and bubbly!

Add the chicken back in. Let it simmer on low for about 10 minutes or so.

Mmmmm... so good! You can serve it over rice, mashed potatoes, or (like I did this time) egg noodles.

Well, I hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fall Wreath Giveaway

Ok so remember that wreath Ashley over at The Hillside Home made? The one I posted on this week's Spotlight Sunday?

You remember...

Yea, THAT gorgeous wreath...

Well guess what??? She's doing a giveaway for a wreath just like that! Yep, you don't have to attempt to try it yourself.

I almost missed this too because she sent me an email about it (because I LOVED it SO MUCH!) and my dumb email sent it to spam. It's a good thing I check my spam! Note to everyone: always scan over your spam. You might just miss something great!

Check out the giveaway HERE!

Wanna know a shameful secret? I secretly hope no one else wins because I REALLY REALLY LOVE this! I'm just kidding... not about the really loving it part. Because I really love it. Just about the "I hope you don't win"... well, kinda kidding :)

So go check out this giveaway and be sure to check out some of Ashley's stuff! You won't regret becoming a follower either :)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

DIY Magazine Holders

So this is what the bottom shelf of my cookbook rack looked like:

Pretty sad, I know. The shelf isn't tall enough for the magazines to stand up on, I can't lean them on the top shelf because there's no sides to support the flimsy magazines. So I had an idea. One that plenty of people have done before. So this isn't anything original. But I thought I'd share it anyways.

I took a box my dad had gotten when he ordered something recently.

See perfect size for my cooking magazines. Modeling for me is my most recent Taste of Home I got in yesterday :)

First I taped the flaps together. I also peeled off the shipping label and pulled some of the cardboard with it. Whoops.

I measured 5 inches down and marked those spots. I drew a line across the front and an angled line from the back corner to the mark on each side. Then I used a box cutter and cut the top and angled down the sides.

I hot glued the bottom flaps to the inside. I decided to leave them for extra stability. You know how cardboard has that funny inside? All hollow? I ran a strip of hot glue down the top of the cut part and smoothed it before it dried with a scrap piece of cardboard. This picture is kinda blurry... but you can see the flaps and the glue (sorta).

Then I spray painted the inside and the edges black. It took a little while because the fog of the paint would run me off. That stuff smells gross and I didn't want it getting all over me. See, nice and even now :)

Then I mod-podged some scrapbook paper to the sides, measuring carefully to make it fit. It worked perfectly because the box was just under 12 inches. I went with a black, white, and grey theme. The whole thing got a nice coat of mod-podge :)

I liked how it turned out so much I made another. And I had so many magazines I needed it. And I just so happened to have an extra box.

I had to move it to the top shelf, but they don't fall over or anything. It's much more attractive than that mess before!




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Sunday, September 19, 2010

9/19 Spotlight Sunday and BLOG HOP

So I don't have a blog to spotlight today...

So instead, I thought I'd highlight something from every blog that entered my blog hop last week! That's right, if you entered, you're getting featured! I'm checking out every blog and finding something I love to share with you guys... recipes, crafts, giveaways, and MORE!


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1. Cindy, over at Purple Froggie Clay Stuff, is having a GIVEAWAY! Check it out:

You could WIN all this! Handcrafted Polymer Clay custom made by Cindy! And perfect for Halloween :) The giveaway ends 10/23/10. Head over to her blog and check out the giveaway HERE!

2. My BFF Nichole, at Mrs. Lavespere, has posted TWO yummy looking Italian recipes this week. And I'm really looking forward to trying them! I mean, just check out this pizza:

Mmmm... yummy looking right? There's just something about homemade pizza that's just absolutely DELICIOUS! Check out that post HERE and her other Italian post HERE!

3. Ashley, over at The Hillside Home, made a STUNNING fall wreath. Look at this:

GORGEOUS right? Some people are just SO talented! If I tried to make a wreath like that, it would look like you let a 5 year old loose in Micheal's and you have a mess of flowers, glue, ribbons... well, you get the picture. And you think I'm kidding. But seriously, go check out this tutorial! I mean, who wouldn't love such an AMAZING wreath on their front door? Find it out HERE!

4. Over at By Word of Mouth, there's some funny and amusing posts on life. One post in particular caught my attention. It was titled: I Need a Laundry Fairy...

Isn't that so true? I think the big thing at our house is socks. Oh, everyone will jump to fold the towels. That's the easy stuff. But sorting through a big basket of socks and attempting to find a match (and then going "eh... good enough" and pairing two completely different socks)? No one likes that responsibility. Oh... if we could only have a laundry fairy :) See the full post HERE.

4. Wiki, at Wise Words by Wiki, has some advice for a new school year in the most interesting form. Using catch phrases from movies and such! My favorite part?

At the end of the list of advice it says: If you think this is too hard, then here's a little something from Bella Swan. Hasn't anyone ever told you? Life isn't fair. - Bella Swan, Twilight
Ok, so I'm a big Twilight fan. But it was funny. It's just a creative way to give advice :) She has pictures for everything too. Read the post HERE.

5. Becky, over at Mrs. Betty Rocker, has these MOUTH-WATERING burgers! Just look at this picture:

Um, yea. It's got my mouth drooling again :) I REALLY want to make this! I need to find time to run to the store and get a few things, but as soon as I do... IT'S ON! Mmmm... Check out the recipe HERE so you can drool over it too!

6. Nan, at Be One Fine Day, has some great, authentic Thai recipes and other recipes too! Check out these Baked Pork Spare Ribs with Honey:

Doesn't that look so good? I've never really cooked ribs very much and I think this would be a great recipe to try. That glaze looks absolutely WONDERFUL! See the full post HERE. Oh and did I mention that Nan hosts blog hops twice a week? And posts several other great blog hops!

7. Inspiring You to Save is a great place for those of you looking for coupons, samples, and freebies. They also post some great ideas from other bloggers! Look at what they shared recently:

This amazing artwork is made with scrapbook paper! It's so pretty! Find that post HERE and the original post HERE!

8. Jenn, at A Lil Bird Told Me, shares a really awesome craft! Check this out:

Isn't this so CUTE? It's a magnet Birthday Board. She made it for her mother-in-law and it really is a great gift, especially for moms and grandmas that have lots of b-days to remember! She even shows you different ways to customize your magnets :) I think this is so adorable and it's going on my To-Do list! See her tutorial HERE!

9. Chandre', at Retro Vintage Crafter, made this cute bag to hold her knitting needles:

So FUN! I love the design of the bag! Now, I don't knit (tried that when I was younger... yea, lasted about 2 seconds before I lost my patience), but this would be great as a pencil case, make up bag, travel toiletries bag. There are so many possibilities! Check out her full post HERE!

Ok, now that I've got you hungry and itching to go crafting ;)

On to the BLOG HOP!

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