Monday, December 13, 2010

My Puppy's Got a Brand New Sweater!

Ok, well maybe not BRAND NEW. You see, my mom had bought these sweater hoodie things for our dogs a few years ago. She got the smallest ones but they still SWALLOW our dogs. So they got tossed to the side.

Well Tigger, our older/grumpy/grandpa poodle, who only has 1 eye (had a blown cornea or something when I was 14) and is going blind in the other eye and can only hear really loud noises (either that or he has selective hearing which I like to think sometimes), shakes ALL THE TIME. It's winter and he DOES NOT like it. So I found one of the sweaters and decided to give it some alterations.

First I had to find my model. Yea, he didn't want to participate very well. I pulled everything out of his massive kennel (blankets, pillows, dog beds) and he STILL wouldn't budge. This is his "Touch me and I will CUT you" face.

Finally convinced him to come out of the kennel. Here's the original sweater.

Poor thing... it's so big on him!

Well he was a really good trooper about it all. I flipped the sweater inside out and then put it on him. I carefully pinned the excess so I knew where to sew and cut. He calmly sat in my lap through the whole thing. Then I carefully took the sweater off. Look how much excess I had to pin back!

I nixed the hood because really, what dog is going to wear a hood and not try to attack it. I sewed along the back and then cut the excess off. I also slimmed the arms and gave him a little collar.

I later cut off the ribbed part of the arms and took off a few inches from the hem of the body. It allows him to walk a little easier and to do his, um, business without soiling the whole thing. I think he finds it a little weird and he doesn't want to move in it. But he does shake a lot less because he is warmer now!

So there you have it! My first puppy alterations :)

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Joshua's Wife said...

oh my gosh! that is so cute!

We got our cat(yes, our cat) a camo sweater when we went to MI at the beginning of the year. lol she loved it surprisingly enough.

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