Saturday, October 2, 2010

Slammin' Good Green Beans

The other night I made some sauteed green beans to go with a meal we had. I wasn't trying anything new. I just tossed in some stuff in the pan to cook them. I didn't think anything of them until I tasted them. Um... delicious. So a few days later I decided to replicate what I did so I can share a YUMMY recipe for green beans. And it's so super simply, you probably have everything to make them (if you have green beans that is).

First heat up a skillet and toss in some butter, Paula-Dean Style. You know, lots of butter ;) Don't think I'm a Paula-hater either. I LOVE her show. I've got several of her cookbooks. She's just known for her "add some more butter". Anyways... melt the butter.

Get your bag of frozen whole green beans. Yea, that's right. I have a 5 lb bag of green beans. We buy industrial in our house (even though there's only 3 of us).

Toss as much green beans as you want in the pan. And remember, they will cook down to a smaller portion so add more than you think.

Cover and cook them on medium to low heat until they've defrosted. Make sure to stir them every now and then. Then add your seasonings. I added salt, pepper, and garlic powder (my favorite seasoning!).

Stir and cook, uncovered on high heat. You want the butter to cook out and the beans to start to brown. See the color they're starting to get? It's still pretty subtle right now.

Keep cooking until they start getting pretty brown. It's just carmalizing from the butter. The inner cook in you will want you to stir constantly. DON'T! You want the nice brownness :) (I didn't know brownness was a word but apparently it is because spell checker didn't catch it) Look at the rich color...

Mmmm.... enjoy :)


livingoutloud said...

oh, they look so delicious!
I am a happy new follower.
I found you at the hop.
Living Out Loud

Purple Froggie Clay Stuff said...

That just made my mouth water looking at the caramelized green beans... YUM!!!

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