Sunday, October 24, 2010

Have a Happy Blog :)

Ok have you seen those Kotex tampon commercials? They have me ROLLING laughing! Check out my favorite:

"I like to twirl... Maybe in slow motion"

It doesn't get any funnier!


Anyways, I wanted to share a few tips I have on how to have a happy blog :)

DISCLAIMER: This are my personal opinions. I don't mean to offend anyone :)

1. Avoid clutter. You know, you go to those blogs and they have an ad for everything, an app for everything, 5 bajillion buttons on the side bar. It's kinda annoying and hard on the eyes.

2. Don't put a bunch of stuff that slows your bandwidth. This kinda refers back to the first one. If you have a whole lot of stuff that has to load (pictures, music, videos, unnecessary stuff) then your readers have to sit and wait for the blog to load. Chances are, they aren't going to wait more than a few seconds.

3. Actually post stuff! I can't tell you how many blogs I happen across that want me to follow them and all they ever post is blog hop buttons. I mean, what's the point of following a blog if there's never anything to read?

4. Don't be afraid to let the creative juices flow! There are so many undiscovered talented people out there who are just bursting to share their ideas. I LOVE new crafts, recipes, and just great stories!

5. And lastly... Be yourself! I enjoy reading others' stories and finding other nutty people just like me ;)

So, do you have advice for your fellow bloggers?

How do you have a happy blog?

Leave your advice in a comment :)

Have a great week!


Ashley said...

Hilarious video! And as far as the blog advice, I have a posted drafted that is almost exactly what you wrote...I really enjoy reading and commenting on the blogs I follow but can't stand when they take hours to load and are so full of stuff!

Katie Adams said...

I think you hit the nail on the head with all your points. Another thing that I like to do is do the little Moment of Truth Challenges you see floating around, or if I get "tagged". I think these are a fun way to meet new people and read some answers you may not expect!

I did the 10 day Challenge not to long ago as a test and I enjoyed it. So now I am doing a 30 day and it really pulls some good answers out of ya!

Diary of Momma

Maria Gridley said...

haha wow, love that video!! :) Made me laugh so hard. Its funny cause its true! :)
Anywho.. I couldnt agree with you more about the cluttered blogs. I understand that they want to sell add space, and all that.. but when I cant tell whats what on a blog and there is just SO MUCH STUFF thats NOT even related to the actual blog.. I get irritated. :( Il most likely still follow the blog if I really like the content.. but honestly I prefer a clean looking blog!

2 other things that are a turn off for me, when it comes to commenting.
the POP out comment box! Because I then have to wait for it to come up a load.. as opposed to how you have yours where you can easily comment below with out having to click anything extra! :)
And second.. the spam code thing.. I hate having to put it in just to comment! :( I mean sometimes I dont mind.. but its kind of a hassel.. I just wanna push post comment and be done. But then I look and realize my comment didnt post.. cause I need a code! And sometimes I dont have the time ( know its not like it takes that long) but I look at several blogs at once.. and sometimes with 3 kids.. Ive got to get up and walk away. SO that kinda determines if a comment gets posted or not.
Which makes me sad, cause I try to comment a lot.. I love comments and feed back.. so I know others would like it too.

Ahh anywho.. Ive written too much. :) I better just hush up and post now! LOL

MyBrownBagChick said...

Hi, I'm a new follower! I'm also new to the whole blog world, so please stop by! (I could use ome constructive criticism, lol)


Carmie of the Single Nester said...

Girl, I hear ya! Last week, I posted about Giveaway Etiquette. It was well-received. I hate blogs that just have buttons or blogs that have snow falling. So slow and boring!

Michael Creations said...

Hi! I'm your newest follower from the Paisley Passions blog hop. Love the blog...and great blogging advice! Also, those commercials crack me up! Hope you have a great week!


myblueyez said...

Thanks for the advice! I'm also new to this whole blog thing as well and need all the tips I can get!

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