Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Vintage-ish Headband

So I was looking at some links at a blog hop the other day and saw this beauty:

Gorgeous right? Melissa, over at Ador, has this GREAT tutorial on how to make this BEAUTIFUL headband.

It reminded me so much of this really pretty headband my friend Nichole and I had seen when we were shopping recently. (Thanks for being my model, Nichole).

So you can see why when I saw this tutorial, I got really excited!

I started with a headband that mysteriously got broken while sitting in my bathroom. I think we have a ghost, because no one will fess up. The picture makes it look pink but it's really white.

I wrapped the whole thing with black ribbon and stabilized the breaks.

I followed Melissa's tutorial and printed out her templates. I also glued everything instead of sewing it. Because, I was just too lazy :) I think I sized the templates too big though. The flowers came out MASSIVE. I had to trim the whole thing down a lot because it was the size of my head. Seriously. Here's how it turned out after I trimmed it...

Close up:

I really like how it turned out though. Very classy, to me.

If you really want to make a great headband, go check out Melissa's TUTORIAL! Her's is SO much better!

Have a great evening!


Melissa Conn Stapleton said...

Your headband turned out great! Thanks for the shout out!

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